Saturday, September 26, 2009

Not for long I fear

The Museum of Australian Democracy.

I just saw a piece about this on a travel/places of interest program on 9.

Apparently the Museum of Australian Democracy features a whole section on "Get.Up"... And photos of our current PM.

We won't have a democracy for long with the way that those of the left seem to prefer to be told what to do... although the short piece on Get.Up did say that Get.Up is some kind of ground breaking organisation because they allow their members to decide policy...

Sure 'tis groundbreaking.


Jim Clarke said...

Wouldn't worry about it too much Kae. If the web site is anything to go on, it's only been going since last yearand is part of the Prime Minister's office. not so much a Museum of Democracy as a propaganda machine for the ALP.

kae said...

Hi Jim
Yes, I kinda guessed it from his smiling (grimacing?) visage in the Get.up display.