Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Roman Polanski, I think...

Unlike some celebrities and others who think that Polanski is an old man, the rape occurred many years ago (so he shouldn't be pursued?),.... I think he should go to gaol. I don't care that he's "an old man", that is not a reason to allow a criminal to go free without retribution.

Polanski seems to have managed to live his life oblivious to the fact that he's harmed a thirteen year old, and has broken the law and been convicted of a crime. All his celeb buddies seem to be rushing to defend him from those who want him to be punished and those who label him a rapist.
Polanski has made movies and travelled the world, nothing ever happened to him as punishment for committing his crime.

From this site as of now, here's an alphabetical list of supporters of Polanski:

Akin, Fatih; Allagnon, Stephane; Allen, Woody; Almodovar, Pedro; Anderson, Wes; Annaud, Jean-Jacques; Arcady, Alexandre; Ardant, Fanny; Argento, Asia; Aronofsky, Darren; Assayas, Olivier; Astruc, Alexander; Auer, Gabriel; Barnier, Luc; Barratier, Christophe; Beauvois, Xavier; Begeja, Liria; Behat, Gilles; Beineix, Jean-Jacques; Bellochio, Marco; Bellucci, Monica; Bennecib, Djamel; Bertolucci, Giuseppe; Bouchitey, Patrick; Boujenah, Paul; Bral, Jacques; Braoudé, Patrick; Buytaers, Andre; Carion, Christian; Carlsen, Henning; Carre, Jean-Michel; Chereau, Patrice; Chouraqui, Elie; Cisse, Souleymane; Corneau, Alain; Cornuau, Jerome; Courtois, Miguel; Crevecoeur, Dominique; Cuaron, Alfonso; Dardenne, Luc et Jean-Pierre; Demme, Jonathan; Desplat, Alexandre; Deville, Rosalinde et Michel; Dybman, Georges; Fansten, Jacques; Farges, Joël; Farinelli, Gianluca; Fansten, Jacques; Faure, Etienne; Ferry, Michel; Foundas, Scott; Frears, Stephen; Fremaux, Thierry; Gabarski, Sam; Gainville, René; Gatlif, Tony; Gavras, Costa; Ghanassia, Jean-Marc; Gilliam, Terry; Gion, Christian; Guidoni, Marc; Henry, Buck; Heyman, David; Heynemann, Laurent; Hossein, Robert; Hubert, Jean-Loup; Inarritu, Alejandro Gonzalez; Jacob, Gilles; Jaeckin, Just; Jessua, Alain; Jolivet, Pierre; Jones, Kent; Kahane,, Roger; Kaplan, Nelly; Kar Wai, Wong; Kijno, Ladislas; Korine, Harmony; Kounen, Jan; Kurys, Diane; Kusturica, Emir; Landis, John; Lanzmann, Claude; Larquié, André; Lecocq, Vinciane; Leconte, Patrice; Lelouch, Claude; Lenne, Gérard; Lynch, David; Mann, Michael; Margolin, François; Marois, Jean-Pierre; Marshall, Tonie; Martone, Mario; Mauvernay, Nicolas; Mihaileanu, Radu; Miller, Claude; Monicelli, Mario; Moreau, Jeanne; Nicolier, Sandra; Ocelot, Michel; Payne, Alexander; Pena, Richard; Placido, Michele; Radault, Philippe; Rappeneau, Jean-Paul; Rebibo, Raphael; Reza, Yasmina; Richard, Jacques; Roulet, Laurence; Salles, Walter; Salomé, Jean-Paul; Sandberg, Marc; Schatzberg, Jerry; Schnabel, Julian; Schroeder, Barbet; Scola, Ettore; Scorcese, Martin; Silvera, Charlotte; Sissako, Abderrahmane; Sorrentino, Paolo; Stirn, Guillaume; Swinton, Tilda; Tacchella, Jean-Charles; Tadic, Radovan; Tanovic, Danis; Tavernier, Bertrand; Telerman, Cécile; Terzian, Alain; Thomas, Pascal; Tornatore, Giuseppe; Toubiana, Serge; Trintignant, Nadine; Tykwer, Tom; Tylski, Alexandre; Van Effenterre, Betrand; Wenders, Wim;
The petition in part states:
“We demand the immediate release of Roman Polanski,” urges the petition. “Film-makers in France, in Europe, in the United States and around the world are dismayed by this decision… It seems inadmissible to them that an international cultural event, paying homage to one of the greatest contemporary film-makers, is used by police to apprehend him.”
Rather similar to the cloth brained actors and celebrities who supported the naked kiddie photographer/artist/exploiter/sexualiser here in Australia.


Caz said...

Interestingly, the 'protesters' aren't bothering to claim that he's innocent Kae, nor could they, since he did plead guilty before he fled the US. Rather, they merely insist he should not be extradited, well, because he's an Oscar winning director, an 'arteeest' (as I've noted at my place).

Many of these are the same people who would no doubt turn up for a photo opportunity at a charity event for abused children next week, if invited, and the stench of their actions would be lost on them.

A very peculiar public display for celebutards and European pollies.

kae said...

Hi Caz! Long time no yak!
I dunno - there's the 100 for the Roman the Rapist, where's the celebs against?

*crickets chirping*

Caz said...

Isn't that the point: a bizarre spectacle of public entities supporting a child rapist, and none for the opposing view, other the the faceless entity of the US law.

It's a bloody weird thing.

kae said...

Aw, c'mon Caz.
Do you really think it's weird?

They think their celebrity/popularity/box office pull will be damaged if they speak against "one of their own".

A bit like the Michael Jackson farce - oh, you did hear that Michael Jackson died, didn't you?


kae said...

Or more horryfying, they all think it's acey-deucy...

like the kiddie photos.

Caz said...

Actually I do think that it's very weird to see the highest ranking politicians in Europe and very well known entertainment industry people not merely supporting, but vigorously, and vocally make such a stand in favor of a child rapist.

How could one not find it bizarre?

kae said...

Oops, sorry. I meant the glitterati (celebs, actors, etc.), politicians are in a different class of moral dishonesty.

Caz said...

Don't know Kae, maybe the pollies have simply joined everyone else's class of moral dishonesty ... got me beat.

splice said...

I guess it’s no surprise that the ‘arts community’ has no issue with its own moral relativism.

After all, these good folk make their living from the fantastic. The more that life imitates art, the more it is so that fantasy becomes reality.

A world of pretence with no moral compass.

To shamelessly snitch a quote, out of context, emailed to me today from a good friend, “Actually, it’s a dolphin fucking a unicorn.”

Egg said...

'After all, these good folk make their living from the fantastic.'

How in touch with day-to-day reality are they when they have minders to even do their grocery shopping for them? (They wouldn't pass the pollies' 'How much does a litre of milk cost?' reality test question).

Life probably is one big pantomime for them, divorced from reality. Sharing a prison cell with Bubba would certainly alter their perspective somewhat.

Egg said...

Re politicians: 'celebrity for ugly people' - same-same ...

Minicapt said...

Apparently 173xxxx has posted no defence?