Monday, September 28, 2009

Sexist to say no to youngest world sailor

Jessica Watson's mum was interveiwed this morning afternoon by Kelly Higgins-Devine about her daughter's attempt to sail solo around the world. (Link to ABC World Today interview with Jessica's mother.)

Remember Jessica, she left Queensland to sail to her departure point and was hit, at night, in the shipping channels, by a very large ship.

Mrs Watson complained that the Maritime Safety Queensland letter was released to the public when they were told it would not be released publicly at all. Queensland authorities are looking for ways that they can stop Jessica from sailing.

Jessica's mum says that the only reason people are doubting and saying that Jessica shouldn't sail solo around the world is that they are sexist. If Jessica was a boy they wouldn't say this. She used the example of the recent completion of a circumnavigation of the globe, single handed, by 17 year old British sailor Mike Perham.

Well, Mrs Watson, Mike managed to depart UK waters without being hit by a large bulk carrier.

This is telling (from second linked article):

Jessica's manager Andrew Fraser reacted angrily to the criticism yesterday and said the MSQ report might not be "factually correct".
How is the report by Maritime Safety Queensland not factually correct? Which part is not factual? Didn't Jessica tell MSQ the facts? Produce the evidence?

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Egg said...

'was hit, at night, in the shipping channels'

Sextantist authorities?

...elementary, my dear (Ms) Watson...