Sunday, September 6, 2009

Soapy confession

Yeah. Sometimes I watch, if I'm off sick, or home extra early, I watch B&B. You can never lose your place in that program, it's on continuous loop. Truth be told I'm really watching occasionally for the day when the children of ten years ago suddenly are older than their parents. It's gonna happen!

Anyhow, I have to ask those who maybe don't watch why this woman, who I thought was one of the most beautiful brunettes I'd ever seen:

Why would she want to do this to her face:

Let me see what she's had done...

Nose, not so pointy and more upturned, is that what's lengthened her face, her chin now looks HUGE, or did she have an implant in her chin?
Cheek implants.

On some episodes she looks like she's just had heaps of botox injected and the trout mouth inflated. Her face barely moves and she can hardly talk with the fat lips. The fringe is a give-away, always falling over the face.

I think if you want to have plastic surgery fine, but it shouldn't be obvious and you really should still look like you.

In answer to BoaB's query in comments, bigger than they used to be and fake-looking:


Anonymous said...

[quote]Yeah. Sometimes I watch[/quote]


It proves man and woman are different. (if needed a proof)

As to her being beautiful, it's a matter of, in the eye of the beholder.

I though the idea with PS, with most who had it done, was NOT look like yourself!

kae said...

sometimes I watch - what's the problem with that? It may be only a few times a year. It's not like it's hard to figure out the plot lines - plot, what AM I saying?

It might be in the eye of the beholder, but she's not looking nice now, she looks plastic.

The idea of plastic surgery is usually to make you look better in your eyes, to take away flaws or rectify age-related, um, issues.

Looking like a plastic trout isn't the look I'd suggest is wanted.

Man and woman are different? No shit, Sherlock!

kae said...

They wouldn't be very interesting if they were the same.

Anonymous said...

no need to get angry!
On the other hand if it makes you feel good why not.

i thought you asked for opinions,
you didn't say we have to agree with you.

Who said you were not supposed to watch it?
You are touchy, better not comment again.

kae said...

Why would I be angry about something "anonymous" commented on a blog?

I asked a question, you assume I'm angry.

Are you into unsolicited emotion analysis? Certainly not how to win friends.

Boy on a bike said...

What are her tits like?

kae said...

Bigger than they used to be and fake - I'll show ya... updating the blog now.

Egg said...

"one of the most beautiful brunettes I'd ever seen"

Fellow cast member Katherine Kelly Lang was the most beautiful blonde in her day, too, IMHO. A beautiful cast all round, the show certainly lived up to its name.

Boy on a bike said...

Phwoghshw! They're not fake! They're just, err, bulbuous and shiny.

kae said...

Nope. Fake.

Skeeter said...

The only soap I watch is Two and a Half Men.
A recent episode* was devoted to Charlie and Alan's mother as she went through plastic surgery.
Most of the fat from her ass was injected into her lips.
A totally gruesome result.

* In its one hundred and twenty-third re-run on Ch 9.

Margo's Maid said...

I am not a soapy watcher, but have flicked past this show and had occasion to remark that she looks like a plastic surgery disaster...