Monday, September 28, 2009

Static electricity is an Australian thing

Very concerned post-grad student comes to the office counter to tell us that there is a problem with the electricity. It has escaped.

Hands on deck, ask a few questions - I quickly realised he was talking about the static electricity caused by the windy, dry weather we’d been having for days.

This student was quite concerned about the escaping electricity until he was shown that dragging your feet and touching your finger to anything metallic would cause the static discharge.

We told him that the static electricity was normal particularly in “this weather” and that kids at school usually charge themselves up and zap their friends on the ear lobe.

The student assured us that there is no static electricity in Pakistan.


Wand said...

Maybe he should Ask an Imam. That's what they do in Pakistan. Isn't it?

Wand said...

Kae, I've found the answer for your postgrad from this Imam.

A search for static electricity brings no answer, but a search for electricity does. So next time he asks, the answer is he must pay for it..... because Allah Ta'ala Knows Best!

kae said...

So, under sharia you become an adult when you menstruate or attain the age of 15.

But it's OK to marry a child of 6, and to consummate that marriage when the child is 9.

I know the former because alla talla knows best. And the latter because of the book of death and its addendums which tell us that old mo was a dirty old kiddie fiddler, who raped, pillaged and plundered when he played warlord. And his cult of death is serving his deadly purpose still over a thousand years after his death.