Monday, October 19, 2009

4 Corners - Where is all the Afghan aid money going?

Those people critical of the AWB’s business transactions in Iraq should watch this program.

It shows the various tiers of business in the Middle East, and how they are prone to graft and corruption.

Substandard materials have been used by contractors and buildings are falling apart. And when they get new money the buildings are not rebuilt, nor are new ones built. The old ones are refurbished and renovated to add extra space.

Its’ a shocker!

Fabulous, very expensive houses in a certain area of Kabul which have been funded from monies syphoned off from the international aid.

There was a dinner, a HUGE dinner, funded by the donations, and the Government member who was objecting to the graft and corruption was saying, "This is not what the money is for. Look at the waste. Look at all those cars. Where did they come from? The donations paid for them. Not for schools, not for hospitals. But for vehicles, dinners. Such a waste." (paraphrased).

It is very interesting.

More here - 4 Corners: Afghanistan, The Dollar Trail.

"Afghanistan, on the Dollar Trail", a Premieres Lignes Production, goes to air on Monday 19 October at 8.30pm on ABC1. It is repeated on Tuesday 20 October at 11.35pm.


LouMac said...

Yes kae,
I always wondered why so many NGOs are operating in these areas under difficult circumstances.

I wonder no more, the money is very very good, some of the bosses never been to Afghanistan, and the bloke who complained is no longer with the Afghan government.

Looks like I'm running out of organisations to donate to.

May have to do a George Constanza and invent one of my own.

By the by, how are you doing?
Is your throat any better yet?


splice said...

My first thoughts are to point out that banking as we know it just isn’t the same in predominantly Islamic countries. The ordinary Western concept of interest on deposits is considered usury under Sharia law and forbidden.

Moreover, the flow of money, power and influence in post-feudal Islamic theocracies is a complex thing. If you’re unsure how it works, ask an Imam… or ingratiate yourself with a local warlord. Take your pick.

Anonymous said...

If I hadn't read the entire post,(OK nevermind the BIG letters at the top)I'd swear that you were typing about the U.S.

"Graft and courrption"? Exactly they way things are accomplished here.

We have between the House of Reps and Senators 535 bozo's and bozoettes, with "very expensive houses", in TWO locals.

Their actual (area/district) homes AND the palaces "we the people" pay for, where they sit on asses in, in D.C. amongst other things (to read Bill Clinton, just for one example)

Anonymous said...

Gosh, how in the hell could I have let THIS slip my mind...

The above comment of mine, does NOT include the 'pork' money these greasers (added to gargantuan legislative bills that the world's most efficent speed readers could get through, nor compehend) skim, when they award huge amounts of bucks, to friends, family and certain constituents therefore guaranteeing reelection.