Thursday, October 29, 2009

Danna Vale in the House of Reps - agw is a scam

You can find it in Hansard of 28 October 2009, page 93.

There are many other aspects of this bill which would cause my fellow Australians great concern.

Many would not be aware of the corrosive impact this legislation will have on our economy. Nor would they be aware of how it will undermine certain rights we value in our legal system. The explanatory memorandum points out that the grand new bureaucracy created by this legislation is to be called the Australian Climate Change Regulatory Authority, but it will be known by the Orwellian name of the ‘Authority’. The ‘Authority’ will administer this trading system and the reporting regime. It will determine the renewable energy targets and decide on the issuing or withholding of permits to emit to the Australian industry. Orwellian discomfort continues when we learn that the ‘Authority’ can abolish the right to silence and the right to selfincrimination.

There are provisions that reverse the onus of proof, and we can all forget about any privacy protections. The ‘Authority’ will have the right to pass private information on to anyone it likes, including the United Nations and foreign governments.

Alongside these concerns, I am highly suspicious of the undue haste, the huge political push to pass this legislation before the windy debates in Copenhagen. I utterly reject the political urgency that suffers no opposition, the personal ridicule meted out to those of us who dissent from the ordained mantra of those prophets of the received wisdom, whom I call the ‘Profits of Doom’. The fervour of their arrogance and their ferocity in the face of my scepticism is easier to understand when we learn that the dogma is driven by dollars in what has already become a fevered research industry, bent on doing whatever it takes to convince the world that the devil is in CO2, despite knowing that a doubling of CO2 will green the planet with bountiful plant growth and despite knowing that the recent peer reviewed discoveries disprove their pernicious and false theories.
Don't take my word for it, read the whole thing here.... and then read the rebuttal by Mark Dreyfus (Isaacs) at 7:13pm, page 97, who still insists that the sky is, in fact, falling....

Thanks to Wand for the heads up last night.

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I think you will agree it is crucial that workers are represented at all levels of government. My question for you: have you done it in Government House?