Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Government censorship!

THE Rudd Government has been accused of censoring voter handouts which are critical of controversial programs such as its $42 billion economic stimulus package.

In a move that has incensed MPs, Commonwealth bureaucrats are exploiting new laws that allow them to ban newsletters being sent to voters.

Using Orwellian-type powers, they are putting a black mark through words such as "dreadful", "mismanagement" and "incompetence" - declaring they can no longer be used because they criticise government policy.

The new laws which came into effect on October 1 deliver a big advantage to the Government in the election year.

Senior ministers are even able to access material from Coalition MPs and the minor parties before they are mailed to voters.

The crackdown follows the Auditor-General's criticism of the $300 million parliamentary entitlements scheme.

No access to Hansard? from Piers Akerman.

Looking at a few of the left leaning, almost touching the floor blogs it seems that this is no biggie. It's passed off as nothing because Piers has reported it. Others say it's the same as the censorship that they suffered under the Howard government (Oh. Good. Grief!).

Well, quite frankly, I wouldn't be surprised. Rudd's such an admirer of China.

He'd do so well in the UN.


splice said...

This is double plus ungood.

kae said...

Have a squiz of the post about Danna Vale's speech in Parliament today about AGW and the ETS etc.