Sunday, October 4, 2009

New glasses? Not for a while.

It appears that now one must make an appointment to have one's eyes tested. In the sixteen years I've been going to OPSM I've never had to make an appointment. What's the story? Are there that many more people needing glasses these days?

So I'll have to make another trip to the big smoke. (There is a local optometrist or two, but I've not heard good stuff about them and OPSM has all my details.)

I did find some stuff to buy. Among that stuff was a couple of chew ropes from Aldi for the Devil Dog. He's got his first one now, and I think he loves it!

1 comment:

LouMac said...

OPSM have gone all green Kae!

posters about climate change etc.

Must be attracting lots of new customers.