Tuesday, October 27, 2009


There are awful noises coming from my next door neighbour's back patio.

Grunting and stuff.

It's been happening, I've noticed it, since I've been on leave.

Grunting, panting and clunking.

Now, either he's doing weights... or he needs some metamucil, pronto!


kc said...


kae said...

Only marginally better are the noises of the boys next door kicking around a foot ball on their front "lawn", which is the size of your average front yard in a suburban block.

The house sits on 6,000 square metres, 1.5 acres. If they got the back acre and a quarter slashed they could kick the ball around on that without disturbing anyone.

And move the weight bench down there, too.
I wonder if anyone's spotting for him? With all the grunting, it'd be hard to tell whether he's been squooshed under the weights in a terrible accident!

How are ya, kc?

kc said...

I'm good, thanks, Kae. Yesterday was long and tiring. The ol man's schedule changed, he has Mondays off now & it is taking me time to get used to having him here ALL day when I'm used to housework & playing with the Pixie in the morning. Ah well. Then Lovely Daughter sent IM and Handsome Son-in-law called - they both left work as his folks house had burned. Thankfully, no one was hurt (Chris' sister & her 2 toddler sons were there, 3 year old was playing with candle, whole family is ANGRY at Sister). I went to a detox/rehab place to lead a meeting & spent the rest of the evening very grateful for what I have...and some things I don't have.