Thursday, October 15, 2009

Q & A - tonite

Tonight's panelists
Alexei Sayle - British comedian
Anthony Albanese - Minister for Infrastructure, Transport, Regional Development and Local Government
Christopher Pyne - Shadow Minister for Education, Apprenticeships and Training
Deepa Gupta - Executive Director, Indian Youth Climate Network
Nikki Williams - CEO, NSW Minerals Council

Newsflash Ant Albanese et al:


Dang. Missed next week's guests!

OK! Here's next weeks panel:

Annabel Crabb - Journalist
John Elliott - Businessman and Blogger
Craig Emerson - Minister for Small Business
Peter Dutton - Liberal MP
Louise Adler - Publisher


Carpe Jugulum said...

Albanese or of these guys could be our first female PM

LouMac said...

let us know how it goes.

I just can't bring myself to watch either of them, Alexei Sayle or Anthony Albanese.

Alexei Sayle is the spitting image of the Hungarian dictator before 1956, M Rakosi.
Complete with all the ideological and other baggage.

kae said...


My power went off for aboout 10-15 minutes about 10-15 minutes ago.
I was a bit, er, miffed.
My dinner's in the oven cooking. Not happy, Origin!

I saw lanterns in Aldi tonight... I have a torch, but it's small and not very bright. When I was a kid we used to go camping a lot, dad made a light from a large reflector and some aluminium pipe which fitted a gas bottle and used mantles. It was called "The Sun". It was brilliant, good light to cook dinner, clean up, and read by. After dinner The Sun would be turned off and we'd sit around the campfire with our camping/caving friends.

Those were the days!

I need "The Sun"! or something like it, but I'm not good with gas stuff and mantles.

What would be good is a light which is plugged in on charge all the time and when the power goes off it comes on, so you can find it and so you can do what you need to do.

Fortunately I had just finished in the shower 10 minutes before and made a cuppa. Thankful for small mercies!

Carpe Jugulum said...

Shows on - time to rock & roll.

Boatload of Tamils...blah blah blah.

I think Pyne will be on his own tonight.

kae said...

Carpie, you know you'd be silenced at Bolt's for that!

I got snipped when I commented about someone behaving like a princess on Sunday morning.

Well, he WAS!

I know it was to save me from embarrassment which I appreciate, but it was in no way referencing his sexuality.

Carpe Jugulum said...


Yes that 1st comment would have got the SNIP, i wrong?..a bit of rouge & some lippy on those two.......shemales if i ever saw them.

Carpe Jugulum said...

Albanese talking his usual line of sh@t....slapped the TV....hand hurts.

Carpe Jugulum said...

This is turning into the Albanese/Pyne talkfest.

Carpe Jugulum said...

Quote of the night - Wouldn't be too many listening to Alan Jone in this audience.

Carpe Jugulum said...

Bugger, i meant Alan Jones (the radio dude)

LouMac said...

but it was in no way referencing his sexuality.

tinking, tinking I give up, what were you referencing then kae?

PS a gas lantern is the ultimate standby for me, done a lot of hunting, camping and it hardly ever runs out of power!

Carpe Jugulum said...


A generator, the ultimate camping accessory. (I crank up mine for earth make sure it still works...for safety reasons..)

Carpe Jugulum said...

About 35 minutes in Albanese makes a quote Re: Israel, a WTF moment & Joe Hockey is off the Xmas card list

kae said...

If a child carried on like that I would call tell the child to stop behaving like a spoilt princess.
It really has nothing to do with his sexuality.

I don't care what his sexuality is - I'm not interested in sleeping with him.


LouMac said...


I think I mentioned this somewhere, I picked one up at Aldi for $149.00

1.2 KVA runs everything I need.

When we had a property in the boondocks we only had solar and steam powered generation.

Mains would have been prohibitive even if available.

The only Chinese product I ever approved of, a little steam donkey engine coupled to an 8KVA alternator.

LouMac said...

kae, "sleeping with him"

no need to say that, we know you are a lady of class.

What you think about AB's blog prospects?
Is he going to pull the plug or preparing the people for the inevitable pay as you go charge?

kae said...

I wondered about getting one next time they have them, especially when the power went off tonight.

I have reticulated water and rely on a pump for water pressure, at least in town you'd be able to have a shower with a torch!

How hard is it to connect to the house power? Or would I need to have a different, um, circuit?

Are they very noisy?

How often must you fire them up? Once a year with a load?

I think we might have some trouble this summer with storms, like there used to be "in the old days".

kae said...

I love Aldi. Such a baaaaaaaaad shop.

Worse than a hardware store*!

*Boy's toyshop.

Carpe Jugulum said...

Now we move to "climate change", global warming is so yesterday, removing throwable objects nearby.

*eyes glaze over & assume 1000 yard stare*

LouMac said...

Lucky I can't stand either of them so I'm not watching.

Transferring-backing up my Horse racing database to the external Hard disk, wish I didn't start it takes for ever, so I have to stay up.

Had no choice though had a comp. freeze this afternoon and had to restore the system.

Carpe Jugulum said...


With a generator just crank them up once a month or so, for power use, run an extension cord to a powerboard. They aren't compatible to run off your main board.

Mine, one is a GMC cheapie from Bunnings (2 stroke) which works well, the other is a 3kVA Honda, dear as sh!t to buy but runs very quiet.

kae said...


"removes throwable objects"

I'm so glad that ABC Derangement Syndrome isn't only a problem I have!

I don't know. I doubt I'd pay to read blogs, even Bolt's. Even Blair's.

I like Tim Blair's blog, that's what started me reading blogs and starting this blog. I liked the regulars before he went over to the dark side. But people move on, and nothing stays the same. A man's gotta do what a man's gotta do.

Unfortunately there are constraints when you are owned by a large corp which can be sued for whatever and you have to be careful. Things would perhaps be different if the blogs were hosted overseas.

I suppose it would also depend, the paying for blog content, on what they offered. Unique content? Is that to read other people's comments? Even the moonbats? Greentards? Or will the external input be canned for safety's sake? We'll see. But I will say now that I won't pay. I'd rather buy the hard paper and read it.

Good luck with your database. My nanna was a good gambler, she studied the nags and did OK. It was her recreation.

Must tell you about the T--shirt. but not now, I need a cuppa before ABC Derangement Syndrome time.

LouMac said...

Are they very noisy?

this one isn't kae, had it running the other day, because of the storm we had a power out, and you could not hear it inside.

If you are worried about the noise check the decibel ratings, and keep away from the heavy duty industrial ones, We are looking here of about ten hours running a year, maybe 50 if camping.

Carpe Jugulum said...

Ok, show has ended down south & hopefully i didn't spoil it for you northerers (next weeks guests sound interesting).

So who would i invite for dinner

Alexi Sayle - no
Albanese - NO hell NO
Pyne - no
Deepa Gupta - Weapons grade stupid/uber dumb....Unleash the hounds, crank up the electric fence and set booby traps.
Nikki Williams - Maybe

Basically i don't think that any of them would be very engaging over dinner conversation. meh

kae said...

Db? Arrgh. OK, I'll remember to look... but what's noisy? A mower is, um, about 85 isn't it?

kae said...

Thanks, Carpe, for your Dinner Indicator. A useful tool for gauging tools.

Wand said...

Well it's over .. and I did watch most of it between making a cup of tea, wandering away from the family room. Huh - Pyne had a couple of moments - really surprising when he said to Albanese - we're not in government, why don't you do something about it (Score 1 Pyne)...

And Niki from Minerals Council has rocks in her head when it comes to talking about coal but not as many rocks as Gupta... there's got to be a poem or an anagram about Gupta .. why even Snowcone looked awkward at times as Gupta raved on ...

Now I can relax...

kae - carpe is right about a generator - easiest way is to plug in selected equipment to a power board though to me the idea of powering most of the house from the switchboard has more attraction. But for that would need disconnect/bypass switch ... hmm and I've toyed with that idea in anticipation of an ETS..

LouMac said...

yes kae,

I don't think I would pay for commenting on a blog either, and to read some of the comments? no thank you.
I had my stoush with nonna and psfr, in the past, and can't be bothered with them or the other dickh..s any more.
I reckon AB's blog would have nearly the same hits without the comments anyway.

"My nanna was a good gambler"

Nowadays 90% of my income is from punting. Still put in two days a week in the business, more in observance of the wishes of Pam. (late) who always maintained that a man has to have reputable occupation.

Good night kae.

Mine Host said...

Talking of sexuality & sleeping with people, why does my avaricious eye keep straying back to Deepa Gupta?

kae said...

Yeah, I just shake my head with that pair. I don't understand their blindness to so much of what goes on. Destroyed papers, etc. No, they say, not destroyed, they've escaped without them. WTF? You have to have visas to get into Indonesia. Were they knocked back for an Australian visa?

Oh, are we trading in misery, or are the smugglers?

kae said...

Mine Host
You've got those bustedarse beer-goggles on again, haven't you? And it's a school night, too!

Bad you!

Hey, just realised you're watching it in real (Queensland) time with me! Yahoo!

Hmm. Well done! It gives me a grounding before it starts to have people let me know what's going on. You have displayed excellent self restraint. Have you been vaccinated or do you have a natural immunity to ABCDS?

(I quite like that acronym, but I think we can do something more with it.)

kae said...

They're laughing at Albanese.

After Chris Pyne's "you do something about it" comment.

Carpe Jugulum said...

Mine Host - i think it may be because she is a fetching young lass. Uber dumb, but fetching.

kae said...

Nickster is a dickster.

The Nobel Peace Prize rubbish she sprouted was just.... fluff.

Mine Host said...

Gotta agree with her though. He has done nothing to earn the prize. Albanese is making a COMPLETE dickhead of himself with his response.........oops

OMG Pyne is making possibly the most dickhead response possible to this Qn......

kae said...

I dunno about Pyne's dickheadery.

He did tiptoe through the minefield.

I get annoyed when people say "Whoever thought that a black man would ever be pres of the US". WTF? Any US born citizen can be pres of the US.

I just never thought they'd elect an incompetent, untried man to be US president BECAUSE he is black.

That's the kicker.

But I don't think you can say that.

kae said...

OK, Deepa is cute, but box-of-rocks.

kae said...

OH, good idea, Alexi, boycot Israel and it's products.

You can't boycot Palestine and it's products, nobody buys their bombs and bullets, and then send them to Israel for free.


And the clean coal question with the dim bulb commenting now on that. She has a cultured voice, and doesn't look too bad, but hey, a plummy accent/tone does not make you smart.



Mine Host said...

I say it all the time:

The next black person elected president of the USA will have to get there on ability.

Omg, Deepa Gupta may be a cutie, but she's still feeling her way in the world, what a spoiled little idealist ditz.

Mine Host said...

Oh yea, Alexi is a lightweight. Christopher Hitchens he ain't!

kae said...

Alexi et al
Clean coal.

Those who think they can live without coal should seriously give it a go. Forget paying indulgences to the electricity generators for Green Power. It's bullshit.

Then stop breathing.

Deepa (Dopia)
She should start relying on dung, perhaps move back to India? Give it a go.

kae said...

India has 800M people living on less than $2 a day.

Excellent. And look at their standard of living.

Oh, Deepa, and the rich west should contribute to help them.


kae said...

Is Albanese backpedalling and talking about Nuclear and Coal being the only sources of base load power.

Dickhead Deepa doesn't know what base load power is.

Many of these people need to educate themselves on the basics!

kae said...

Albanese "resting on a banana lounge all day"

LOLz good one, Pyne!

kae said...

The opposition amendments to the ETS/CRAP will set the bar too high and should be rejected.

Pyne: So you're rejecting the amendments before you even see them?


The audience laughed at Ant Alb.

Now Deepa's raving on about the end of the world.

Nitwit. What's her qualifications to know this shit?

Audience applauds her.


I am disgusted by the people who don't believe and continue the lie, and I'm disappointed by the stupidity and gullibility of those who blindly believe.

kae said...

"We have renewables as answers in our hands now."

kae said...

See ya later SATP.

If you're still wif me!

Mine Host said...

Still here, was just trying to think of something to say about poor Deepa's cracking a sad that the panel was talking about grown up stuff, instead of her end of the world hobby.

What a little firebrand. Her parents must be disgustingly rich, and daddy must have really indulged his little cherub, but somebody should have given her a few more smackdowns at some point.

kae said...

Another frikking princess.

Skeeter said...

Enjoying an ABCTV-free road journey deep into Mexican territory, so catching up now.

On back-up generators: When we moved to SEQ, a neighbour told us that the (then SEQEB) network was hopeless. In his words, if a duck farts within 150 miles, the lights go out.
We have had a 4-stroke 3 kVa unit for years. It will handle two large refrigerators, water pumps, lights and TV, but not electric cooking or air-con.
You need a sparky to install an isolating (change-over) switch and a male socket receptacle, wired into the switchboard. This allows you to connect the genny with a standard extension lead (female plug) into the socket. There is a legal requirement for the isolating switch so that you can't connect the genny to the mains and electrocute the guys up the poles fixing the wires.
Noise not a problem for us because the genny is in a garage (ventilated) away from the house.
Got myself a 2.2 kVa backup for the backup at Aldi a couple of weeks ago for $199.

Egg said...

Congrats on 50 posts! A record?

Tks for the entertaining commentary yet again, folks.