Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Quadrant online - Bob Carter reviews "Not Evil, Just Wrong"

Towards the end of the film, Patrick Moore scores another impressive and fourth goal, by stressing the little acknowledged fact that the much vaunted IPCC-advice, on which the Australian and other governments rely for setting their global warming policy, comes from a very narrow coterie of meteorologists, geographers and environmentalists; little input is provided from experts in geology (the custodian science of climate change through time), geophysics and astrophysics, which amounts to ignoring more than half of the major fields of expertise that are relevant to climate change. It has been shown repeatedly that most earth scientists see contemporary climate change as being caused by natural forces; and that climate continues to constantly change today, just as it has during the entire 4.6 billion year history of planet Earth, surprises no well-educated scientist.
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