Sunday, November 29, 2009

Email lists for Lib MPs and Senators

Visit Jo Nova for email addresses of MPs and Senators and some ideas on content of your emails.

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1735099 said...

Thanks Kae
I've sent this to all of them -

You may be interested in my thoughts on Climate Change.
The most convincing argument for action on climate change that I have comes from personal experience as a Vietnam Veteran.
I was called up in 1969 and saw operational in SVN in 1970 as a member of Seventh Battalion, Royal Australian Regiment. Frequently whilst patrolling with my platoon on operations, I moved through areas defoliated by Agent Orange. I can remember being sprayed with the chemical by aircraft used by the Americans. On one occasion, some of my toenails became soft and fell off after such an episode.
I returned to Australia in 1971, and married in 1977. My wife and I lost our firstborn child (a daughter), in 1982. The post-mortem indicated that she died of an aneurism that was a result of a congenital defect. The reason for the defect was never established, but studies* of the children of Vietnam Veterans contain some very convincing statistics.
This experience, by itself is a powerful personal motivator to support planned and dogged action by individuals and government to maintain our planet as a viable life source for future generations.
I've returned to Vietnam on a number of occasions in the last few years and seen vast swathes of the countryside that still haven't recovered after forty years. I've visited Vietnamese institutions for people with disabilities and have been staggered and horrified by the extent and number of these congenital malformations.
Vietnam has one of the highest incidence rates of these malformations on the planet.

The use of this defoliant was an example of utter contempt of the natural environment. This mindset continues today in the attitude many of the skeptics.

Think about this before you make any decisions about climate change.