Sunday, November 15, 2009


George Megalogenis
Fran Kelly
Michael Sutchbury

Back to the asylum seekers... climate change... cheap books...

Copenhagen - Penny Wong is joining them shortly...

Treveston Dam - Anna was blindsided by the Federal decision. If the dam was to be in the wrong place (perhaps because it would make too shallow a water storage spread over too large an area thus providing too much evaporation - then again, it floods every year, so it would fill regularly), perhaps that should have been identified many years ago and the proposal knocked on the head then rather than having the .

"I have a robust record for making sound decisions." Garrett? Sure. Whatever.

No cheap books.

Rees (NSW Premier), has new powers to get rid of cabinet members and pick his own team...

Penny Wong
When Wong is finished with the electorate (won't be long we hope), she'll make an excellent used car sales person. Wong is going on about the cost if we don't act now.

What makes these imbeciles think that they can control the temperature of the earth?
Wong, if she believes in the barrow she's pushing, is batshitcrazy.

Barrie Cassidy's giving her curry about the sea level rises. Now she's saying the information has changed, and 1.4 m is the sea level rise...
The longer we delay the higher the cost.
I really do want Wong to fail and I want her eyes open to the lie - if she's not just pretending it's real now.

Your Shout - the book import debacle.

  • Protect local authors,
  • we shouldn't protect them,
  • lady buys books from Amazon cheaper though she wants to protect Aussie authors,
  • internet good buying in a bookshop browsing better,
  • pay for a good book,
  • books far too expensive in Aus double,
  • not get swamped by foreign books

Back to the illegal immigrants. What to do, what to do?

Rudd denies any special arrangements.

Mega reckons no government can stop the boats. Gee, wasn't he paying attention when the Howard government was in power?

If the illegals are illegally occupying a boat illegally surely there are piracy laws which would cover their removal - I'm for taking them back to Sri Lanka.

Paul Kelly - Mal Turnbull infuriated by the comment by one of his own Lib members (Nick Minchin) that more than 50% of people don't believe that climate change is man made/man effected.

Minchin would know, because he would have received the emails of support after he came out as not supporting the AGW scam.

Farmers excluded from the carbon scheme - and then Barnaby Joyce said "well, you can burn down 1/4 of my house, but I'm NOT ok with that".

Debate about whether the scheme will go through the Senate.

And it will alow the ALP to dump on the Coalition.

Sutchbury on books, if Australia had cheaper books we'd buy more. They're much higher in price because it's not a large market and it's not competitive. Julia Gillard should be behind this opening up of the market for her "Education Revolution".

Fran Kelly thinks that farmers in Australia are subsidised millions of dollars - I'm sure that's not right.

Mary River Dam - yawn. So, where's our water coming from? Wolfdene was more suitable as far as rainfall and location - why did it not go ahead?

Read more on the damn dam problem in South East Queensland here.

Humour about saving the lungfish and the turtle - surely they could employ some of their expert specialists in lungfish/turtles, who provided this information about these beasties, to work out a plan to enable the dam to go ahead and look after the wildlife?

Talk about the items of infrastructure in SE Qld and Brisbane, Water and Roads, the government in Qld needs to take care of these needs.

Talking Pictures. Lost me.


Mine Host said...

I defy Fran Kelly to name just ONE subsidy provided to Australian farmers.

kae said...

Sadly noone corrected her.

It's OK, I reckon she'd be right with all our produce going offshore...

How are ya? I had dinner in Toowoomba on Fri nite at sizzlers... disgusting. Should have gone to Dan Murphy's pub thingy. Paid as much as at the Brekkie Creek for a very ordinary steak and spud and then extra for other stuff, all up $96 for main meal and water each (he had to pay for bottomless soft drink to get the cups!?)

Egg said...

Fran Kelly should try to dissociate herself with the word 'asylum' as much as possible ...