Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Qld government leads the way in offsetting your car's carbon emissions...


The clueless Queensland Minister for Climate Change (and some other related stuff) was interviewed on radio by Kelly Higgins-Devine thisafternoon. If you caught it you'da been shouting at the radio, too.

She basically didn't know what was going on, but sprouted green/carbon emission/gaia rubbish. Fluff. It was all fluff.

Motor vehicles do not emit CARBON. CARBON is NOT the emission that the AGW believers are spruiking, it's CARBON DIOXIDE, a colourless, odourless gas.

How hard is this bullshit going to be to "rollback" when it's finally picked up by the masses that AGW/CC is a con?

Third and so ad-infinitum:
As the interviewer pointed out, why are these offsets being spruiked as so good because the government is paying dollar for dollar what it costs to buy the car offset, but of course, the government gets its money from....?
The interviewer also pointed out that these corridors for biodiversity (with trees), should already be paid for by the government... and wasn't this why the assets were being sold... and hadn't the arranged this already?
Not to mention the question by the interviewer about "so, these offsets can be purchased right now... when will the first tree be planted?"
To which miss clueless minister replied, "They're already being planted...."
After which the interviewer read from the press release (or some document), that the scheme would commence purchasing land corridors from 2011... Guess the minister's face was a bit red. She was rather embarrassed. Maybe she should read up on what she's spruiking?

One caller to the interviewer said "It's a tax. It will become compulsory in the goldmine/slugfest that is the Department of Motor Transport cash cow."

Read about it here.

More offsetting "carbon emission" bullshits wool here.

God frikking help us.

It was 38C up here today, I guess the government's collective brains have been fried. It's still 31C and 37% humidity.


Egg said...

Ah, but 'carbon' is black, sooty stuff - it's gotta be dirty and bad for the environment, innit?

/clueless numpty wymmin's studies grad-Union-ALP-hack

TimT said...

I've heard a coupla interviews with Jones and all she seems to do in those interviews is stick rigidly by the party line. It's impossible to know if she means what she says because she almost certainly hasn't put any thought into any of it whatsoever. Here's another quote of hers.

I wonder why it's always the ALP that seems to attract this style of vacuous party hack. Oh well. Maybe that's just because the young folk in the ALP are learning the ropes. The coalition's got it's own problems, with aged numpties like Wilson Tuckey piss-farting around. They're dumb too, but at least they're dumb in an original way.