Tuesday, December 8, 2009


Point 1.
Mark Willacy
Obviously not based in Australia.

MARK WILLACY: Imagine a world in which a visit by Kevin Rudd to a pickle factory warranted half an hour on the nightly TV news.

Unthinkable in Australia but in North Korea a story about Kim Jong-il touring a pickle plant ran for 30 mind-numbing minutes.
Der. He hasn't seen the news here lately, huh? More.

Point 2.
Camels have significant religious value? To Christians... who knew!

SARA EVERINGHAM: Lyle Kenny supports this week's cull of feral camels.

There are signs all around Docker River of the damage the camels do. Cars are parked near power poles to stop camels bringing them down. Infrastructure for water is broken so the supply is constantly contaminated.

Still, Lyle Kenny says the decision to go ahead with the cull wasn't taken lightly. Residents don't want to see animals go to waste and camels for many in Docker River have a religious significance.

LYLE KENNY: We in this community we are Christian people. The pastor has told us camel the three wise men to follow the star where Jesus was born.


Kaboom said...

Well, I don't know about the religious aspects, but the loss of so many camel toes makes Kaboom want to cry.......

Egg said...

Kruddy tours factory donning hard hat, gherkin in hand ...

Sounds about right ...

kc said...

I have NEVER gotten the idea from a pastor or priest or nun - or any other Religious, for that matter - that camels have any significance in Christianity. They have some meaning in Alcoholics Anonymous, but I don't believe that's what this guy is talking about. Donkeys would be more significant, now that I think about it, because they carried Mary to Bethlehem AND carried Jesus into town just before he was crucified - the Wise Men were just men...if I remember anything from Sunday School, anyway?

Just another proof that men use the Bible without ACTUALLY reading and understanding it. As if I need more proof!

kae said...

The gentleman interviewed, Mr. Kenny, is aboriginal. Perhaps he's misunderstood what the pastor has said.
However, the thing which makes me cranky is that the "reporter" has taken this statement as a fact and reported that "Camels have religious significance". If he's got any Christian background, he should know that's not correct.

However, maybe I shouldn't be surprised, with the number of little heathens being dragged up these days.

Egg said...

'the Wise Men were just men...'

Yup, no mention of camels - could've been three wise asses?