Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Big Weekend II

Thong things

Okay. I just thought of something else that Miss 10 said to make me laugh. Two something elses.

First, we were shopping in K-Mart, at the check-out. Miss 10 has just learnt to whistle. She's whistling away, a thin little pitiful (but getting stronger with practice) whistle. At the checkout I'm chatting with the clerk and Miss 10 starts to whistle again. No words, just whistling.
I said to the clerk, by way of explanation, "She's just learnt to whistle in the last week..."
The clerk said something to Miss 10, who whistled...
I said "Unfortunately, she appears to have lost the power of speech."

Second, we were in Best and Less looking for "stuff" that I need and as we were leaving Miss 10 picks up a pair of these*, shows them to me and turns them around so I can see the back, and says "Euuuuwwww!"
I laughed and agreed. The discussion then turned to spending all day trying to pull the string out from your nether regions.

*Note. A friend of mine who is a security guard told me that the best thing to wear in the heat to stop chafing from damp undies is .... yes, you guessed it. Bum-floss.


Carpe Jugulum said...

Bum floss....did you have too?????

It's -9C outside, no bumfloss in the hacienda Jugulum today, hot tea a bottle of whiskey and a gas powered bathtub, yes.

Oh yeah, 30cm of powder helps too.

Carpe Jugulum said...

By powder im meant snow

kae said...

Ahhhh, Carpe San!

How is it in Japan?

Oh wait, did you tell me it's f-f-f-f-f-f-f-f-f-f-f-f-f-f-f-cold?

Bring some back for us!

Have a t'riffic Christmas, enjoy your special time with those you love.

Carpe Jugulum said...

Yes it is the type of cold that equates to a smack in the head with a cold fish when you breathe. It is that cold!!

Hakuba is beautiful as always, more snow tonight, expecting 30cm of powder.

The snow is falling, it's cold, but not uncomforatble if you rug up.

It's hard to describe how beautiful this place is, off for dinner soon, seafood onigiri (prawn/squid/fish/octopus rice balls) is what i'm aiming for, then back to the chalet & the hot tub (there is nothing better than Japenese bathing)

(that is not meant to be sleazy either, bathing is meant to be a way to relax & refresh)

kae said...

Sounds wonderful. My Dad's Mum's favourite place was Japan. She loved it. I think that it was so different to the west. I never did get to ask her what she loved about Japan.

I know what you mean about the bathing, my ex finally let it go one day when I asked how he felt after his shower after a hot day at work. He was a pig. And thought that I was strange asking about how he felt after a shower. I don't think I've ever met anyone else who hasn't loved the feeling after a bath or shower to wash away the day... whether it is from hard labour or just the ordinary troubles of the day.

Carpe Jugulum said...

Oh Yeah, it's not Carpe-san it's actually Kurisu-sama, or as it's said in Japan,my full name is Ma-olii Kurisu (last name first etc [surname is in romaji, obviously])

What they would have loved about Japan? Hard to describe, this place is nothing like Aust, but spend some time in Kyoto in the spring or Kobe in the summer (which is friggin hot) & the beauty of thse places and the festivals that go with them are the best fun you'll have with your clothes on. :)

kae said...

Nanna loved all things Japanese, I think it was the difference, that it looked like a postcard, that's what she loved. The culture, that it was so different to what is in Australia. She'd travelled extensively in Aus with Grandad on a motorcycle and by car when Dad came along.

Nanna loved the spring in Japan, the cherry blossom. She had little dolls, too. Doing dances with umbrella things and with cherry blossoms. She brought a doll back for me, I think it's at Mum's somewhere.

Carpe Jugulum said...

Spring in Japan is spectacular, i've spent the spring festival in Kobe twice. The falling flower petals, the street festivals & fireworks and........as a westerner you can wander around in a yukata (google it) without looking like a dork.