Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Black Armband retaliation

From Janet Albrechtsen in today's Australian:

Windschuttle undertakes the long overdue task of returning to primary source material. He destroys the central thesis of genocide with reams of cold hard facts. For example, he reveals that the “small numbers of Aboriginal child removals in the 20th century were almost all based on traditional grounds of child welfare”.

In other words, most indigenous children placed in state Aboriginal settlements were orphaned, abandoned, destitute, neglected, subjected to violence, sexual exploitation and sexual abuse or went there with their parents.
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kc said...

Like AGW, it won't matter what the Real Truth is. Those who stand to profit from the lies won't pay a damn bit of attention, and will continue as they planned to go all along.

Truth is not their business - Power is their business.