Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Dangerous Roads

Some program on Channel 7-Two.
Talking about the Ayr Highway, from Adelaide to Perth.
Crawling with venomous animals, the topography, etc.

The longest, flattest, straightest highway in the world.

Across the Newl-abbor Plain - LOL he can't pronounce it. It's called "null" as in nil, no, and arbour, as in French for trees.

Microsleeps kill people in this road. Road trains. Semi-trailers with three trailers.

I know all about falling asleep at the wheel, fortunately I've been very lucky when it's happened (only a few times), I knew I was tired and stopped and slept.

Oh, and the people they're talking about are travelling from Western Australia to the eastern states. Interesting. The car used in the mockup of the car rolling has a Queensland number plate. Maybe it was a rental they were bringing back east?

The Royal Flying Doctor features, an amazing service in Australia.

The other road they talk about is the Yungas road which passes through the Andes. The narrator keeps banging on about the terrible, dangerous climate. He's really talking about the weather.

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