Saturday, December 5, 2009

Naughty puppy


Popped out today, hoping to be home in a few hours. Floyd has managed to pull a thread in his bed from Aldi. I phoned head office and found out I can still take it back for replacement or a refund, but they were sold a long time ago, and there's not many still around. I had to visit one about 30ks away. I'd organised to meet MDFD for a coffee or lunch and when I got to Aldi I realised that I hadn't switched my phone back on after it had turned itself off on Wednesday... or Tuesday! When I switched the phone on again I received a message, from OPSM about my specs. They're ready (again). So there was a change of plan.

I found two dog beds medium (not large like I already have), so I purchased them, they'll be OK for Bundy and Meg, who currently sleep on the dirt or in their box (Meg was always a chewer, she chewed up three hessian bag beds... I think she'd be OK with one now... maybe...)

Anyhoo, specs were no good, I have to go back next week. I shopped my card to almost melting point. (Chrissy pressies for the family, and some clothes for me on special.) OMG! I found the cutest thing in Big W today. Checking out folding chairs, I need a new one, the old one is about 20 plus years old and it's cracking up, I looked in the camping section of Big W. You gotta go there and look at the tent section and the sleeping bags. Scale Models! Wish I had one for my Barbie! (When I was a kid!)

When I arrived home I fridged the stuff that needed fridging (has that still got a 'd' in it?), and gave all the dogs a piece of marrowbone each. Then I unpacked the rest of the car. I put the dog beds out the back, showed them to Floyd, he watched me assemble his original bed when I brought it home, I'm sure if he coulda he'da helped me.

I thought I should feed the dogs and when I went outside I found this:

Naughty puppy!
I must tell you about Meg. During the week I checked Bundy and Meg's water and noticed that Meg's collar was off, she kept going back to a bit of an excavation she's dug which is about curl-up-in-it size. She kept nosing something in the dust, and I realised then it was her collar. She kept going back to it, trying to pick it up out of the dust. When I'd finished changing the water for them she came over to me and I told her to get me the collar, the same way as I tell her to get the ball. She picked it up and brought it to me, like she does with the balls. It's the only smart thing she's ever done. Poor Meg, Floyd runs rings around her in the smart stakes. When 48 was really old and deaf and blind Bundy and his Sister would get him for me, I'd say to them "Where's Forty-eight? Get him." He'd usually be sleeping in the dog box, and being deaf didn't know it was chow time. Silly Meg, just looks at you when you say "Get Bundy... where's Bundy?"

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