Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Volunteer Rescue Boats vandalised

Rescue boats of the Jacob's Well Volunteer Marine Rescue Service were cut loose and vandalised. Rescues continued while the boats were disabled.

An 18 year old has been charged with offences (announced on a news break on televison just now). Judging from the television footage of the teenager as he was driven away in a police car, he's got no respect for authority and no idea of responsibility. He was filmed in the police car poking out his tongue at the cameras.

What do you do to instil responsibility and respect in idiots like this?

Years ago I worked for Telecom. The vandalism of public telephone boxes was rampant. What I hoped for was that one day the vandals would need to use a phone to call for help and find that they'd been vandalised. Even then I think that the blame would be on the phone company for not keeping the public phones working. Some phones were regularly vandalised and unfortunately noone saw the vandals in action so noone was caught.

If you see acts of vandalism taking place report them, it's the only way these people will be stopped. These days if you confront a vandal you might find yourself assaulted.


Not Somebody Else's Problem said...

When you worked for Telecom, did they put any effort into cleaning Exchanges? I've had an ongoing fight with Telstra management down here, and they are refusing the remove graffiti from their exchanges.

kae said...

Hi NotSEP.

Hmm. I don't really remember much about graffiti being that bad when I worked for Telecom, way back in the dim, dark ages.
I know that they tried to paint out graffiti when/where they found it, it was unsightly and not a good message to send corporately, and phone booths had that god-awful speckled paint job inside to stop graffitists.

In the old days technicians would be on the prowl and would let the bosses know about things like that. I'm not sure that there's that many techs work for Telecom any more!

Anyhoo,I phoned Telecom about my account last week and got a bloke in the Philippines - he was easily understood and very helpful, but I always swore that if I got a provider of any service which I could get elsewhere with a foreign call centre I'd find another provider. We'll see how it goes. It's the bottom line, however, I don't see the charges getting any cheaper.

kae said...

Is the graffiti offensive or just plain ugly?