Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Your mobile phone is killing gorillas and chimps in the Congo

I really, really dislike chimps and gorillas. I don't find them cute, or funny. I hated the chimps in any movie ever made with chimps, and Clyde, whatever he was. YUK.

There's a substance mined in the congo which is used in mobile phones, coltan, and we shouldn't be buying new mobile phones made from a new supply of coltan but recycling the coltan from old phones into the new phones. This from some Zoo ranger somewhere (maybe in the Congo, but she sounded Aussie and looked like she was wearing an Australia Zoo khaki uniform...).

What they neglect to say that this substance is used, from the looks of what I can see, in every modern electronic device we use. (no link, I'm not sending anyone to the sites, but you can google and read up... it's only been a problem since 2001, or before)

I guess we should just pack it all up and toss it away.

We won't need it when

a) we can not afford to buy power, and
b) there is no power


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