Friday, January 1, 2010

Bill Leak in the Australian 2.1.10

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Egg said...

One looks like an old lesbian and the other is the leader of Australia - it's a pity the PM is the former ....

Mehaul said...

I hope the Libs are full bottle prior to the new Parliament. Could be fun if they use the MSM cleverly.

Skeeter said...

Hi, Mehaul.
I write regularly to my Federal MP to make sure he is fully informed.
He is now assuring me that he will be voting against the carbon tax in February.

Mehaul said...

Happy New Year Skeeter. I was in touch with my Fed Lib MP, Ciobo, and he assured me several months ago that he fully agreed with Turnbull's AGW/ETS stance and would be supporting him to the hilt.

Unfortunately, the press also aligned him with Turnbull and his political future will be a lesser event due to his bad political judgement.

Maybe you and I could commence a small political advisory service for Lib pollies seeking guidance.

Ciobo was meant to be a future shining star who may now fade to nothing.