Saturday, January 16, 2010

I'm so tired of this

Living on my own and not having a significant other, aside from being a bit at a loss for conversation, and other stuff... there are things that need to be done which really, really take the energy out of me. The gutters need cleaning out, but the ladder kills my feet and I'm very slow at it. There's mowing, which I don't mind, but cannot do when the sun is blazing (being a redhead I'd melt, or worse!).

Just now I've walked/dragged an 80kg (gross) washing machine from under the carport to the laundry. It's in its box (whoah! got the apostrophisation right there!), which made it easier, however I just hope that the image on the lid is correct and I have it in the slot the right way around... I really don't want to have to move it out, rotate it, and put it back in. I have to do this now as it's been sitting under the carport since Thursday afternoon at about 4:30pm when a friend delivered it for me.

Now I think I'll have a nice cup of tea while the sweat runs off my head, into my face, down my chin and generally south. Whew. Where's my Canteen bandana? I usually tie that around my forehead to stop the drips.

This is a very old picture of my place, pre BFS, pergola, and gardens.

Okay, the machine is working, it has a self-clean cycle. And it plays music, too!
Now, if I could just see the instructions on the washing cycles I could wash something.

Update II:
This washing machine is the Ant's Pants. Short wash is 28 minutes... and I can wash 3.5kg of lightly soiled stuff in that. Woohoo. The old one didn't have a cycle under one hour and 50 minutes! I can adjust the spin, water level, water temperature and heaven knows what else to tailor the wash to what I need.
Oh God. I'm so domesticated.
A washing machine.

I hope I get the ride-on mower back next week. Then my life will be complete*!

*Not really, but it sounds good.


splice said...

The his-and-hers carport is the best, it’s really sweet.

But y’know, I can’t help but wonder, whose car is whose?

Not that I care, or nuthin'

kae said...

Hi Splice
Nice gravatar. How are you? You still owe me some photos, too. And you haven't answered my couple of email questions, either.

Old pic, from Dec/Jan 1993. My brother had just shovelled all the dirt in beside the carport (it's on rock and there was nowhere to grow grass), the house was less than a month old, see how shiny it is?
Anyhoo, the red car was mine. The green car was mine. Then when I bought the red car with my redundancy money he sold his Scorpion (which was making very expensive noises), and used the green car, which he then owned.

splice said...

Email Question 1: Can I borrow your printer?

Answer: Anytime, but black is running low.

Email Question 2: Did you notice what was tied around Heaven and Earth?


kae said...

1. It's okay, the emergency is passed. I must buy some black and cyan tomorrow. And besides, it's a bit far away.

2. No, not bells. Sheesh.

I am tired of this getting old and infirm stuff. I can't read the washing table and info on the washing machine instructions.

Anonymous said...

Getting old and infirm?

You'll get used to it I'm afraid, just have to make adjustment.
Not a nice feeling!

I'm nowhere near senility yet, but there are more things now that I can't do than what I can.
While you are waiting for your proper glasses, buy a few cheap ones, I need bifocals too but bought a bunch of the $3.00 ones for each focus and have them scattered around the place in case I can't find the proper ones.
Hope your job hunting goes OK, hard to say anything but banalities as encouragement of course, we think we know how others feel but don't really.
So just try and try again.

kae said...

Hi LouMac.
I have a confession, I already have the new glasses... after about five visits and using a similar shaped frame to the one I used before, I now have them. They're good. But the tiny, blurred writing is a problem. It's an A5 booklet and the table is pretty small.

I'm very trying, just ask my Mum, she'll agree!

Oh, I have to go back to OPSM and have the arms adjusted, there's nothing worse than the glasses sliding down your nose when you have to do some hot/sweaty work!

kae said...

And I'm only 51.

Anonymous said...


Beat you by a couple on the 15th of next month then.

Yes I hate glasses sliding down my nose too but luckily I only have to wear them while driving or reading, can see anything between two feet and thirty just fine.


kae said...

I wear my glasses all the time, helps me see.

I was far sighted, but a bit over four years ago I had my eyes tested as I was having trouble with seeing in the distance, couldn't focus well.

Now I have astigmatism AND my far sight is failing. I need the glasses to read and to drive.

So annoying. So expensive! (And I'm in a health fund!) Though the did take off some money for stuffing me around.

Egg said...

My commiserations on his going from a Scorpion to a George-Moonbat-box ;0'

Carpe Jugulum said...

The washing machine plays music!!!!

I'll be buggered.

bingbing said...

At least your washing machine instructions are in English.

kc said...

I have every intention of getting out my page-sized 'cheater' - and I need a new pair of reading glasses, too. Work better for sewing than my bifocals. THEN I should get a second pair so I can wear them to find my glasses when I've knocked them off the shelf or left them in a different spot.

Been wearing glasses for near-sighted since I was 13. After losing 2 pr, my dad insisted I wear 'em all the time. Got bifocals at 40 when I couldn't read the print on the bottle of shampoo.

Fancy new washer that plays music - the cats would still pee on it, so I'll keep the uncomplicated little one I have, thanks!

kae said...

Hi Carpe, kc

Well, it's more like a musical chime which plays when you change the program, open the door, stop the program, and when it's finished the washing load, so you know it's ready to empty...

Which reminds me, I should go empty it again and put the sheets in!


kc said...

Wouldn't help me at all. Mine doesn't have even a buzzer, and if it did, I wouldn't hear it most of the time - wash "room" is in the carport.

Minicapt said...


kae said...

Sort-of English, Bing, sort of.

kae said...

Thanks Mini. I have no idea what model it is or who makes it.
It's marketed as an Aldi brand, Sterling...

Don't they make rifles?

Minicapt said...

'Stirling', which appears to be a retail brand name. If you look on the back, you should find the manufacturer's data plate with useful info on maker and model.


'Sterling' made the SMG, and the AR-18.


Skeeter said...

And I'm only 51.


kc said...

Hey, Kae - I'm so - what was your word? Trying! Yeah. I'm so trying my sister and mum don't even speak to me. You can't be THAT bad, I know y'all are friendly!

Just found out a good friend has colon cancer. I'm past due for my 3 year exam, need to get on that. Soon. Truth be told, I could use a day off... 8-)

kae said...

Colon cancer... overdue...

Shit a brick! I'm 10 months overdue for my bumcam* - I need to organise that, but... it's a logistic nightmare!

*colonoscopy - Australia invented car-cam for the motor races, then stump-cam for the cricket... what on earth posessed them to go with bum-cam? Well, at least after drinking draino there'll be no crap on that video show!

kae said...

Oh, and kc, I hope your friend's nasty has been caught early!