Tuesday, January 12, 2010

The latest crop of fourex adverts are crap, too.

One mate glues another mates camp chair and his shorts stick.

Revenge, the gluer gets his mobile phone glued to the side of the boat.

Lets crack a few fourexes.


Not. Funny.


Steve at the Pub said...

It isn't helping here, makes XXXX seem like a beer for pansies.

It is as damaging as the ad Castlemaine ran in the 1990s with 3 blokes in shorts on the verandah of a weatherboard house (possibly an inner suburban Queenslander) or the (tops the lot) Malt 75 ad of the early 1990s.

Ads on the theme of "Male Bonding" are seen as metaphors for the wrong type of "male-to-male" bonding.

kae said...

I loved the fishing advert...

They catch a fish and one bloke says that with the fuel, supplies etc, the fish cost them $14k. Other bloke says "Good thing we didn't catch two!"

And they were a whole story of adverts, and funny! The "male bonding" was humorous. I also loved the beer advert with all the "sheds" joined together and the blokes pretending to work on their appliances, but hitting the grog and watching sport, they were funny, too.