Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Low acts and bastardry

Low act:
Toowoomba Cerebral Palsy League Queensland broken into and specialist computer equipment which gives people with CP a voice was stolen, along with the specially modified van to transport members. About $100k worth of equipment was stolen. The computers which help people to speak are so specialised that they cannot be sold on.

Low act:
A stolen 4WD was left on rail tracks in front of a train carrying caustic materials in North Queensland. (no link)

The state government has undertaken a $1M -plus ten-week crack-down on violence and drunkenness in The Valley (Fortitude Valley, nightlife area of Brisbane). They have arrested over 600 people. It has been a success.
But they're not going to employ more police permanently to make this a regular occurrence in The Valley because that will cost too much...

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