Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Outrage at sickening attack

Yes. Outrage.

What about the outrage at this violence, and the 'permission' of the activities which accelerate the breakdown of society which then breeds this pointless violence? Is the answer zero tolerance? It would go a long way to cutting the violence if those who commit violent acts were treated much less leniently than the law treats them now.

Another explanation. Capitalism, consumerism, or neoliberalism? All of them? WTF?

OMG! It's because society behaves selfishly? Yes? No?
This view of how a society should function is patently inadequate for the tasks ahead. We need all the resources of our societies to be mobilised to fight climate change and rebuild sustainable economies and communities. The violence in our community combined with the global financial and environmental crises should alert us to the reality that our social and economic system is in a bad state. The fact that Australia has managed to avoid the worst of the economic crisis for now should not blind us to the broader symptoms of social, environmental and economic crisis that confront us.

It's obviously complicated.

Then I read who wrote this... and it all makes sense...

The first few commenters appear to be what's expected from the readers of this Sydney rag.

Note: The term "baby koala" grates, the correct name for a young koala is "joey", the same as that for young kangaroo.


Carpe Jugulum said...

Evening Kae;

Despite my better judgement i went to the SMH link and the first comment,

"capitalism became unbalanced and top heavy. It is now imploding. It needs a good dose of socialism."

Has left me gobsmacked, even reading some of the further comments these people seem to inhabit a parallel world where respect for your self & and the ability to accept that your actions have consequences seems to escape them. No kids, the state is not there to tell you how to live.

Of the 39 comments i read, most of these people need to have the reality skyrocket lit up their a4$e.

kae said...

Hi Carpe
I was a bit busy writing the "What do you say?" post.
I know. It makes me mad.
One commenter (that's where I read to), pointed out that it could quite possibly be the fault of indulgent parents and a society which tells kids all about their rights and nothing of responsibilities.
I think that commenter may have hit the nail on the head.