Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Whale protest boat cut in two


Oh, and apparently the Japanese whalers have been hiring spy planes in Australia to let them know where the Sea Sheptard and Co. is. Imagine, there's the Acting PM, no, not Kevin acting like his definition of the PM, but Julia Gargle at a doorstop interview bleating that this is just not on and she's got the government's legal people looking into it. Here you go:

JULIA GILLARD: We don't condone this at all, we do not condone this action by the Japanese Government at all, and we are certainly urgently seeking legal advice about this conduct, but we certainly do not condone it in any way.
Since when has it been illegal to charter a plane in Australia to check out the, um, sights whales?

And Bob Brown's an even bigger fool:

JENNIFER MACEY: But the Greens Leader Bob Brown wants the Federal Government to ban Japanese whalers from having access to Australian airports.

BOB BROWN: The Australian Government is facilitating the innovative whaling interests from Tokyo in getting at the whales, it's as simple as that. We need legislation to stop that. This county has the ability to legislate to prevent any further surveillance taking place. It does it for example to prevent terrorism and it can do the same to prevent the slaughter of the whales.
If it can be stopped to prevent terrorism what on earth is what the occupants of the Sea Sheptard do if not terrorism and harassment of the Japanese. That the Australian government allows these "activists" to refuel and refit their vessels in Australia is on par with aiding and abetting in illegal activities.

See Tim Blair for more - Bob Brown wants the Aus Government to replace the Batboat and send the bill to the Japanese Government. He's kidding, isn't he? No. Brown never jokes.


Egg said...

The Sea Shepherd'tards haven't dropped their pastoralist title - too thick?

Just as daft as the Greenpeace/Rainbow Warrior oxymoron, I guess.

Welcome to 'Tardville central ...

Skeeter said...

The perception seems to be that all this confrontation is occurring in "Australian waters" to "our whales".

The only parts of the Southern Ocean that are included in the Australian Whale Sanctuary, are the waters within 200nm of the Australian territory coastlines.

Before sending Australian ships to "police" these events, it would be nice to know if they were actually occurring in areas that are under Australian control.

The news reports consistently avoid giving us the geographical location of the events.
As the map in the above link shows, we have jurisdiction over a very small part of the Southern Ocean.

Carpe Jugulum said...

Hi All;

I commented on this at Tizonas page & a couple of others as well. The basic fact is the Japanese vessel is in international waters, it is doing nothing illegal.

When it comes to ethics or morality that is a different question, although i actually have no problems there either.

Anonymous said...

No, no, no, Kae.

Jools didn't say, "We don't condone this at all...". Like a normal person.

She said, "We -- don't -- condone -- this -- at -- all...". Like she's talking to a bunch of 10 y o ESL slow learners. She's in desperate need of a new coach.

Bob Brown is in his lying element as is everyone of the deadly earnest halfwits connected with Sea Shepherd. And Greg Hunt is just plain stupid.