Monday, January 4, 2010

Will the reply show programmatic specificity?

Firstly, will Lord Monckton receive a reply?

Secondly, I wonder what verbal diarrhoea Kev will eject for Lord Monckton...


Mehaul said...

Rudd vs Monckton would be the most one sided, unbalanced joke of the century. Akin to my feeble 84 yo Uncle opening the batting for Australia, or Tim Blair taking on a guest editors role at Pravda.

This supposed tete a tete is a good way for various media (indeed our entire nation) to see how hollow and shallow our esteemed leader is.

Both are career politicians. One deals in spin, the other in facts often generated by his own research. It would out Manilla the Manilla Thriller, but is most likely not going to happen as Krudd hides away from scrutiny and pressure. Has this nation ever had a bigger embarrassment???

Egg said...

China Pulls out of $40 Billion Australia Gas Deal - PetroChina lets multibillion dollar gas deal offshore Western Australia lapse.

Kev's Sino mates?

Ah, it's only those eevil fossil fuels, anyway! ;)'

kae said...

OMG! Kev'n is so screwed.