Sunday, February 14, 2010

Kevin Spins and Dribbles on Meet The Press

Meet the Press

Kevin Rudd

What a non-performance.

About the construction of Christmas Island by Howard, I guess Howard had the foresight to know that the idiots from the ALP would get into power again and there'd be an loosening of policy on illegal immigrants so the borders would again be open to invasion by boatpeople.

And what do you know? It's come true.

Rudd's trying to fluff it off by saying that illegal immigrants always come in waves. And why would Howard have had Christmas Island built if he had solved the problem? Rudd is such a ... I'm lost for words, honestly!

When confronted with homelessness increasing after his promise to lower it, he said theprevious government hadn't done anything in 12 years, and they, the ALP had been battling the GFC. Crikey that man's full of shit. And it's spraying all over the place as he dribbles shit and spins....

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