Tuesday, February 23, 2010


I'm still not 100%, I'm tired all the time and a short, strenuous walk can leave me quite breathless, I'm talking only metres and less than 50! Last week I went back to work on Tuesday, but I was ready to sleep after only being awake for three hours. They tried to send me home, but there's too much to do at this time of year. They said I looked awful. Gee. Thanks, guys. I had the procedure on Tuesday 9 February, and they let me out of the hosprison the next morning, late.

Over the weekend I slept most of Saturday, Saturday night and by Sunday was a struggle to stay awake so that I'd sleep well Sunday night - waste of time. Didn't sleep Sunday night. I don't think that I was this knocked around last time, but I wasn't fully anaesthetised. I wasn't sick from the anaesthetic, never have been, wake up ready to eat and drink and go home!

Last night I had a good night's sleep, after tossing and turning for over an hour I bit the bullet and got up to get myself a firmer pillow, slip a slip on it and it did the trick! Out like a light.

I've scribbled some notes while I was in hospital, but I need to concentrate on them to make something of them... I was drugged at the time! It was while I was unable to sleep after the anaesthetic wore off and I didn't sleep all night - I saw the sunrise, first one I've seen for a long time.

Oops! Oh, news. I have news. But I can't really tell you until I'm sure... don't wanna put the mockers on me!


bruce said...

All the best Kae.

Get well soon.

Take care.

kae said...

Thanks, Bruce.
I'm just having a cuppa before I go to bed...

I had so much planned to do while I was recovering. The grass is higher than the mower, I've had to whippersnip at the back of the house a pathway to the tap so I can do the dog's water, and I've had to whippersnip a bit for Meg in her yard, so she can see me at the back door and have some space... I just can't face mowing, even on the ride on, and it's been raining and wet and showery, and when it's not I find I'm exhausted! (Soo tired I can't even read two pages, I flake out!) Mind you, the whippersnippering bloody near killed me! Thought I was going to gasp my last.

I'm slowly getting better, but I just don't understand why I'm so pooped - I've got my checkup visit to the cardiologist on 18/3, so ask him and I hope I'll find out then.

My stars for this year (Mum gets the AWW and sends them to me and I glance at them and pass them to my crossword-fanatic pensioner neighbour), anyhow, my stars said that 18/3/10 was going to be a bad day. Other stars say that I'll find romance... LOLz, my stars have only ever been right once, September 2000 (or was that 2001?) in the magazine "She", predicted I'd come into some money as a settlement and get what I wanted. The following month my ex agreed with the proposed property settlement - he had been difficult.

Oh, I know astrology's crap... but I know virgos are wonderful.

Anonymous said...

Think of you often, Kae, wish we could help. My ol man would do the yard, my specialty is beef barley soup.

kae said...

Dear KC
I wouldn't let him go in the yard for fear we'd not find him again... but then again... he'd have weapons - the ride on, the whipper snipper and the back-pack glyphosate sprayer...

Beef and barley soup? YUM! Yes please!

Anonymous said...

We call it Daytona 500 Soup because that's when I first made it. It's pretty yummy.

Will you PLEASE email me your snailmail address? PLEASE?

Going for every-3-year roto-rooter on Thursday, clear liquid diet tomorrow. That's when I remember how much I like to eat!