Sunday, February 28, 2010

Sydney Dolls Hospital

They've just got a piece on the Sydney Dolls Hospital on Collectors.

Doesn't everyone know about it?

I've known about it all my life!

Are they sure this bit is legal? I love them!


Skeeter said...

It looks like Gollies are PC again as long as you make no reference to them being Wily Oriental Gentlemen.

I have vague memories of my mum working in the Dolls Hospital when we lived in Sydney during WWII.
Was she a nurse or a doctor? Can't be sure, but I do remember her bringing a patient home and showing me how the eyes worked inside the head of a "sleeping" doll.

Kev said...

Kae, do you know there is a Doll Hospital at Merrivale Street next door to Legacy