Monday, February 8, 2010

Tomorrow's the day!

Yeah. It's Cardiologist day.

Cardiac ablation. Or trans-septal puncture if the ablation through the femoral artery doesn't work. (It's in an awkward spot.)

Thisafternoon at about 5:20 I got a call from the hospital, I'm scheduled late, late morning or early afternoon. So, if I like I can have a light breakfast of tea and toast at 6am.

Oh goodie. Get up earlier so I can eat. I still have to be there at 8am...

I'll pass on that. Hopefully there's a cancellation and I'll be done early. The later they do me the less chance there is I'll be coming home tomorrow night. Last time they kidnapped me overnight and I didn't get fed, oh, except for some sandwiches, half of which I couldn't eat - I hate pickles and mustard they make me gag, so I just can't eat sandwiches with those condiments on them. The cuppa was good, though.

Okay, I'll finish off this post I started to write the other day and stick it up (or maybe not).

I'll put up a post or a comment when I get home. I'll email MDFD a link to this, she'll know what's going on and can comment here if she gets news while she's at work.

I'm expecting everything to go well, as it did last time. Apart from being very uncomfortable afterwards (can't move for 4 hours, at all, and you're pumped full of fluid... imagine the bladder after eight hours!). This time I'll be under general anaesthetic so not drinking so should be okay.

And golly-gee, I'm so looking forward to later in the week, when I get back from hospital, I have another job application to complete. Due on 12 Feb.

Hey! It's Valentine's Day soon... nah, who am I kidding.

Update 2:
Nearly forgot. Got a card from the vet today. The local vet where I took Bundy to be euthenased.
I started crying again. I thought I was OK.
Well, I still cry about the other dogs, and my Dad, and my Nanna.
I'm a sook.
Nil by mouth after midnight, so I'll be going to bed soon.


Kaboom said...

All the very best Kae!

I personally despise hospitals - no smoking or drinking, and full of sick bastards!

It always helps to prepare some book jackets with titles such as "Medical Litigation Made Simple" or "How to Sue Your Doctor".

Best wishes!

kae said...

You do know that most people who die do it in hospital!

Anyhoo, I thought you'd be able to supply the reading material!

I should take a book, if I do I won't have time to read it. Unlike the pre-admission day, waste of hours. Didn't take a book, was told I'd only be there for two hours... hah! Silly me.

Carpe Jugulum said...

Good luck dude - keep smiling ;)

Anonymous said...

All the best, Kae...please keep us informed, one way or the other!

My friend who had a 'small' chunk of her innards taken out because of colon cancer went home yesterday, 5 days after the op. She's 70!

Gotcher in my prayers.

Anonymous said...

She lives! I'm picking her up shortly and taking her home. From: My Dear Friend Debbie

kae said...

Thanks everyone.
I'll blog later, when the drugs work their way out of my gingers er fingers.

I'm home, but slept not a wink last night - stgrange bed, not allowed to get up until 9:35pm (was done fr 1-3:30pm).

I have a rather spectacular bruise...

SezaGeoff said...

No pictures, thanks!
Good to hear that you are OK.

wv - searater - see you ralter, Kae!

kae said...

But Seza.....

kae said...

But Seza.....

SezaGeoff said...

Oy - I didn't say no writing! Are you OK up there?

kae said...

Some would say not, Seza....
I'm still fuzzy and have only just today woken without too much asthma chest pain. Tried to sing the National Anthem last night at a meeting I was invited to about OSK but ran out of breath at the first line. Not good for someone who can speak under 3ft of wet cement...
I'll write later. It's a bit of an effort to not write gobbledygook.
I have quite a bit of news!
If only my stars for 2010, which mum read out to me thismorning would come true... *sigh*

Anonymous said...

Just glad to know you're ok. I was fighting the urge to worry!