Friday, February 5, 2010

Wongbot short circuits....

Tony Jones, attack bantam, asks. Then away she goes, or not.

Read it here...

And I just think I need to fix this:

PENNY WONG: Well, we've put out an enormous amount of modelling; in fact, I think Mr Abbott criticised us the other day in the Parliament for putting out too many pieces of paper. But can I just say, make this point, Tony - and Mr Howard himself said that it was unrealistic for people to say there wouldn't be an impact on costs if we were going to do the things that were needed. You can't fix climate change without costs. The question answer is: how do you best pay for that?!
Interesting about these "working families" and others who will get compensation. Where exactly do these people, who think that this Extra Tax System is such a fantastic idea, think that the compensation will come from? Where do they think that the producers of every product we need, and some we don't, who use energy, and those who transport these goods, who do they think will be paying for these taxes imposed for energy?

Hint: manufacturers, transporters and general businesses which will all pay increased costs will not be absorbing these increases.
You know, you could replace the "PENNY WONG" with "KEVIN RUDD" and noone would know the difference! Is she some sort of clone? Listening to so many in the ALP ranks of the rank they do all sound the same!


Skeeter said...

Sorry Kae, I could not read more than a few lines of the bot's replies.
There is no point in trying to communicate with a bot. Its programming nullifies logical thought processes and it can only respond with rhetoric, no matter what the question.
The only way I can watch parliament Question Time these days is to record it and fast-forward through the crap.

...manufacturers, transporters and general businesses which will all pay increased costs will not be absorbing these increases.

This has already been happening for years. As Wand has explained so well here and elsewhere, the demonising of coal-fired power in Australia has meant the generators have stopped investing in coal-fire and shifted the money to more expensive alternate power sources.
The mere threat of a carbon tax has already forced the price of electricity up by amounts well beyond the bot's predicted increases.
Those increases have already flowed on to all our costs of living. Australians now suffer the most expensive food costs in the developed world.
"Compensation" paid to working families to help them with their power bills will have as little effect on their living standards as will the ETS on global temperature — zilch.

stackja1945 said...

If you Google the names Hawker Britton Secord, and read. They are the clone makers.

Wand said...

Monckton's Press Club presentation in Canberra is on 601 Sky News right now - it started at 12.30 (EDT) and runs until 2 pm

Skeeter said...

Wand, I would dearly love to watch that but cannot afford pay-TV.
However, I would cheerfully pay for a recording of it if they become available.

Wand said...


I was only aware of the programme having decided to move to the family room to complete reading the papers on this wet Sydney day. I watched about an hour of the hour and a half presentation.
Actually I watched a couple of clips of Monckton's talk in Melbourne the other day that were linked by Andrew Bolt (same presentation). Anyway here's a link to the two videos from Melbourne and it does say on the page that a DVD of the full presentation will be available to order.

Monckton is an interesting speaker and quite flamboyant in his slightly eccentric way. And in my paper reading today I noticed that Carlton (SMH - normally don't read him) used ad hominem attacks on Monckton to try to discredit him but does not address any of Monckton's message. Typical of the AGW believers.

Wand said...

PS, I think Insiders tomorrow morning will be worth watching.

Skeeter said...

Thanks for the link Wand.

Wand said...

And it continues... here and here.

How about that! And to keep up with the unravelling requires almost 24/7 attention!