Monday, March 8, 2010

Bundy's gone

Written on Wednesday 20/1/10 at 12:27 pm

The vet couldn't find a vein, Bundy had very low blood pressure.

Bundy 11/4/94 - 20/1/2010.

Bundy was given to me by friends and when my ex-husband and I went to see Bundy I fell in love with his sister, Katie. Bundy was my protector, he would bark at people, just to let them know he was there taking care of me.

One day the council inspector came over to check the accommodation for the three dogs (for which I paid $100 plus the dog rego, as I had to register as a dog kennel!). Anyway, he came around the side instead of through the house and Bundy had a wooo-bark and a snap at him. Oops!

Outside his yard Bundy was a placid bloke, he'd sit nicely and let people pat him. But if you went into his yard and weren't introduced properly he may have had a go at you.

Meg is missing Bundy.


SezaGeoff said...

Dear Kae,
You are having a really bad trot of it, aren't you. I feel for you, as it is so hard to lose some of your best friends.
My neighbour was in on the weekend, saying that her brother's Shepherd was to be put down on Tuesday because of aggressive cancer. I just heard his deep "woof" from next door, and realised I would not be hearing it much longer. So sad.

kae said...

I wrote this the day I had him put down (January 20 last).

I cried all day and I forgot to post it! It was taken from an email I wrote to a friend who loves her animals, too.

I suppose I really should write something for the blog today... but I'm not inspired.

And, again, I'm pooped.

elcampeador said...

Dearest Kae, know your pain, had to put down a Sheltie, several years back, Maggie was a sweet little one.

BTW dear you had best tell your physicans to take great care of you, or else I'll...I'll. Well never mind, I'll just I'll. ;)