Saturday, March 27, 2010

Floyd - Handsome, gentle and generous

I just went out to have a quiet play with Floyd.

He was out on the grassed/dirt/cratered area outside the pergola, looked like he was eating something... ah yes. The brisket bones I gave them during the week.

He heard me open the door and came running, unburied brisket bone piece in his mouth. He dropped it when he got closer and I pulled out the fold-up chair so that I could sit and chat with him.

He assumed his usual position, jumping up so that his back end was on the left side of my lap, tail wagging, and the front end was on the other side, his front paws over my right leg. We play a bit like this, he tries to catch my hand with his paw, and I gently grab his face. He likes this game of catch. We played this game for a little while, then he seemed to have a thought, he jumped down and grabbed his stinky, dirty bit of bone and plonked it on my lap, in my hand... icky! I gently said "Nooo, that's yours!", and flicked the stinky bone back on the ground. He did it once again a little while later. I wonder if he was sharing it with me?

I mowed a bit thisafternoon. Until I stalled the mower and stood on a green ant swarm to start it again, the blighters had climbed into my clogs (yeah, I know, but they're OK for around the house and in the yard!). The little green demons bit me on the foot. I hate them. It's still burning, I'll have to get an ice pack onto it.

All was well with the mowing until I mowed near the carport. I didn't realise that a piece of old flyscreen wire had blown into the grass and I ran over it with the mower. It was hot and so wouldn't start. I hope it starts when it's cool, er, tomorrow.


robbie46 said...

Green Ants eh, they sting, try Vinegar to take the sting out. Another hint, whilst mowing is to wear stout shoes, kae it may help.

kae said...

I have Blundstone boots but the ants get into them and bite, too. Especially if you are silly enough to stand on top of their nest while trying to start the mower!

Little blighters. Hate 'em!

kae said...

It's a ride-on mower.