Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Heard today - A second capital for Brisbane

Yes, ridiculous. But I'd expect something daft like this in a statement from Bligh.

Apparently, Bligh wants to "decentralise", to move a lot of business out of Brisbane, and to make another city like a second capital.

Great. The mayor of Townsville is all for it, but the mayor of Cairns says it would make more sense to spend money on infrastructure required in a lot of towns, to spread it around. Many members of the public voiced the opinion that it wasn't a bad idea, but the state government would have to support the plan by moving some departments into different towns, or to Townsville.

In the 80s when I worked at Telecom it was the practise to move the main offices into the suburbs, to decentralise the organisation. There were depots all over the suburbs, and there were Telecom offices in most large suburbs in Sydney, and in satellite suburbs, too. It's funny, because there was a change to recentralise, then another push to decentralise.... now some of their call centres are in The Philippines.

I wonder if the State government will be decentralising offshore? This is the ALP, friend of the workers.... y'know?

Read more here.

I can't believe there's idiots in Queensland who keep voting for this mob.


Minicapt said...

Well done, your politicians are truly challenged.


kae said...

No, Mini. I think you're wrong there. Well, right, but the most challeneged in Aus vote for these idiots.... over and over again!

Anonymous said...

well said kae!