Monday, March 22, 2010

More red flowering gum photos

These red flowing gums (Eucalyptus ficifolia x E. ptychocarpa) are in town. This one (Corymbia ficifolia) is more spectacular, it's from Western Australia.

The leaves on these trees are enormous. They are longer than the distance between my wrist and elbow, so you can imagine how large the flowers are. The nuts are as big as matchboxes!
Here are the trees I took the photos of last week, at work. The leaves of these aren't as big as the ones in town.


Minicapt said...

So, where's the Blue Gum?


cav said...

E. Ficifolia are my favourite gum tree.

I used to sell tress when I worked with the Forestry Commission in Mathoura a long, long time ago.
I have planted these trees everywhere I have lived, but I have rarely seen them flower at the time.
Another one is E Macropcarpa - a mallee type tree that has HUGE flowers - I hope the one I planted at our house in Tumut will flower this year.
seeing as I am on a roll, the third tree I have planted everywhere is the pincushion hakea - H. laurina
I'll post pictures of these on my blog and you will see why I like them.

kae said...

Hi Cav

I have a passion for many flowering gums. I have several specimens in my garden. Some with amazing flowers, interesting foliage, or huge, interesting nuts - there are a few with all of the above.

I love grevilleas, so many different leaves, flowers, growth habits, colours, etc. Amazing.

I love trees of the brachychiton family (Google them) - kurrajongs, bottle trees, Queensland Lacebark, flame trees... there's heaps of them. I love them all, particularly the ones with big flowers and/or colourful flowers.

I love paperbarks (melaleuca) and bottlebrushes (callistemon), too.

Love roses, I had over 52 bushes, but they died when I worked in Brisbane, the drought and borers got into them. They hung on for a long time, but just didn't make it. They all had beautiful scents, I won't bother with roses without scent (unless they are a particularly spectacular colour, but that's rare). I have specific passions in roses, must have a perfume, must have a fabulous flower with lots of petals, mustn't blow too fast... I'm fussy!

There are other plants I love, but can't rattle them off now.