Friday, March 26, 2010

Mum's off spending the inheritance, again...

Mum's been cruising the Mediterranean since mid-month. She'll be back in Aus on 30 March.

I've wanted to call her to vent, for advice or to share a laugh several times. I've missed her.


robbie46 said...

I hope your Mum is enjoying her cruise, kae.

kae said...

Hi Robbie
I'm sure she is - she's thoroughly enjoyed all the others she's been on, meeting so many new people and visiting fabulous places. She's been places that I'd love to visit.
When she returns I'll phone her and she'll tell me what it was like.
She has an interstate friend who she met on a cruise and the two of them travel together now, seperating when they want to go on different side trips, or other cruises.

spending inheritance said...

Hey there. Isn't okay for us oldies to spend our money as we see fit? We earned it, we're spending it. You can do the same when it's your turn. As long as we have enough left over to pay for our care. Cheers, Diane.

kae said...

Nowhere in my post did I say it wasn't OK - she worked for it she can do whatever she likes with it.

It's wonderful that finally after teaching for over 55 years she's able to travel the world. In fact, it's her birthday soon and she'll be 75.