Wednesday, March 3, 2010

"The only thing Bruno doesn't like is garlic...

... I never cook with it."

Anyone else seen that amusing advert with the lady cooking?

As she says "I never cook with it," she tosses a handful of chopped garlic into her meatball mix.

My ex husband didn't like sour cream. "I never cooked with it."


filmview said...
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kae said...

Spam speared.

Anonymous said...

I saw that ad and I must admit, I must be lacking the humour gene.

Probably gone a bit deeper than needed, but my first thought was, why shack up with someone in the foist place, if you always thinking of how to get rid of them?

That's just me I suppose.


prairiecat55kc said...

We have to be sneaky sometimes! No, haven't seen the advert, but I get the general idea. My stepson would only eat one brand of lunchmeat. And they don't sell it here. So when we picked him up, I squirreled away a couple packages in the bottom of the cooler. Then, for the rest of the summer, I'd let him see me moving the lunchmeat from those pkgs to a ziploc (for ease of storage, or whatever my excuse was). He ate a lot of lunchmeat that wasn't the only brand he ate...*sigh* He's 31 now, don't know if it would fool him now. 8-)

kae said...

It's like hiding the vegies from the children. My friend's son wouldn't eat green stuff, she had to hide the veg.

kae said...

My brother won't eat mushrooms, if they are identifiable in the food.
If they're chopped up fine he doesn't mind.

TimT said...

Never ever cook with sour cream.

You throw it in at the end.

Otherwise it turns out all weird.

Also, I have no idea who Bruno is, but if he's a cat, no wonder he doesn't like garlic. It kills him.

bingbing said...

Isn't Bruno that fa...

Never mind.

Anonymous said...

TimT said...

Never ever cook with sour cream.
You throw it in at the end.
True, but DON'T "throw it in"
Gently stir it in, or better still when serving the traditional New Year's day lentil soup, put the sour cream in first and then the soup.

Bean soup etc. and some chicken dishes go well with sour cream, or in case of dieting use yoghurt.
Not the same, but will do!

As always moderation is the key, you want flavouring not the taste of sour cream.