Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Queensland land valuations rip off backdown

As I stirred from slumber thismorning, the news was talking about an extraordinary number of changes to a bill in parliament....

I do believe it's this one...

One sound bite described it as a blatant grab for revenue.

The plan of the Qld ALP was to value land on goodwill and commercial value, not unimproved land value. Of course, the local government Association backs the change - they'll be raking in the land rates, no matter what the value of my land, my rates always rise each year. Usually around 10% (and the rates have risen a further $350 or so with the council amalgamation which was slimy Beattie's parting gift. Rate rises are capped in Sydney to, I think, 2.5%, or an amount which uses the inflation rate as a base (well, it's good for something then!).

There was quite a bit of opposition.

Bligh has backed down. Press release.

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Skeeter said...

The compromise reached...applies only to land tax collected this year, with the whole land tax system to be redesigned before September.

More a strategic delay than a "backdown", I would say.

Queensland is fast becoming the Unaffordable State. WA is looking good.