Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Annoyance and irritation - Pizza

I purchased a pizza last night for $17. When I left work at 6pm there was a bad accident on the highway - didn't inconvenience me but the traffic was bad for about 3ks... anyhoo, I decided to get a pizza from a local cafe.

Instead of mozzarella why do they use cheese blend which is predominantly something like kraft cheddar cheese, which is like melted glue when it is hot (and like soap when it's cold)? It's awful. I was hungry last night and ate a few pieces, but tonight I heated it up and picked at it, then I tossed it in the bin. There was no taste of the ham and mushrooms on the pizza, and the base wasn't cooked enough....

There's an Eagle Boys on the highway, tonight is cheap Tuesday - I can get a pizza for about $8.50. They're usually not bad, but if you want cheese on that it's an extra $3. At least the toppings aren't sprayed on... most of the time.

Does anyone else remember when you used to buy pizzas and they were reasonably inexpensive, the toppings weren't sprayed on, and toppings filled to the edge of the pizza (no extra charge for this), and you didn't need a scanning electron microscope to find the cheese? If you want to see and taste the mozzarella, you need to order extra cheese, which will cost you extra.

Many years ago Pizza Hut was great, they had a dish called "cavatini", it was pasta spirals with toppings the same as they used on their pizza, tomato sauce, mozzarella on top, it was really nice, not overcooked, not dry, just perfect. It was a favourite of mine.

I suppose everyone's trying to cut costs.


Mehaul said...

That sad fatal crash also stopped me when I was returning from the West on Monday afternoon. If I had known you were also held up I could have helped you with the pizza. The last meal I had was at the Moonie Roadhouse. That made McDonalds appear haut cuisine. There are some simple pizza recipes that are fun. I'll send you a few.

kae said...

How long were you stuck for?

I'm working quite near there now...

There's a new restaurant in town, we could have had a nosh...

(Honestly, I could have taken you around the scene on the backroads where the detours were.)

When things like this happen I wonder why, I want to know how it happened, I want ot know that the reason, if preventable, can be prevented and stop this kind of accident happening again.

That stretch of road, from the Fernvale/Forest Hill Roads intersection to the Gatton Overpass is just about straight, with only a few slight bends in it - the piece for a few kilometres from the intersection to the first bend, and the long straight out the front of UQ on the Warrego, are really bad spots for accidents. Maybe people get tired and they relax a bit too much.

Anonymous said...

never buy pizza soon after shop opening time.
The oven itself is not up to the temperature required, but the time the pizza takes to go through is the same.

I know it's a hassle, but try to make your own. I usually make enough dough for 4 large pizzas and freeze three, for later.

Remember, the less topping the better!

I mostly just put on the tomato sauce, mozzarella, there is NO substitute, some hot salami olives and anchovies. Or you could keep it all veg. with green or red peppers, fresh mushies, not the tinned variety from China!!
Semi dried tomatoes and peppers go well too.


kae said...

Hi Lou
I used to make my own in Melbourne, with home made yeast dough. I prefer thin and crispy myself.
The oven was hot enough, it's just the bases are thick and doughy, the cheese on the top was browned, I'd need a scanning electron microscope to find the mushies on it, and the other two ingredients. I usually have a supreme from Eagle Boys, but this place... and honestly, the cheese was a blend of soap with a dash of mozzarella.

Mozzarella - NO SUBSTITUTE! You're right!

Skeeter said...

Pizzas were forever spoilt for me when my brother pointed out that eating a pizza was like picking your way through something you found at the tip.
IMO, the best fast food is Subway. My favourite is a foot-long steak & cheese on a whole-wheat roll, toasted, all the salad except jalapeno (too hot for me), with honey-mustard dressing.
A complete, balanced meal for two people for $9.75.

kae said...

That's why I call mine my bother, Skeeter!

Subway's OK, but I hate the fake chicken they use... and so on.

If I want MEAT on my sanger, I really want MEAT.

I don't mind the chicken bacon ranch, but honestly, you could use the bacon slices as stained glass windows!

I had one today, bacon, avocado, mozzarella, lettuce and marinara sauce (why doesn't someone tell them that "marinara" is not the name for tomato sauce? It's seafood!). It was OK, but the avocado didn't taste like avocado, it tasted like whatever they used to stop it from going black. Erk.

I like the ranch with bacon, chicken (real chicken), mozzarella, lettuce, carrot, cucumber and mayonnaise. (You might have guessed I don't like tomato. Don't know why, just acidy I suppose. I don't like pickled things either, or mustard.)

Minicapt said...