Sunday, April 18, 2010

Channel 7 now - The Boneyard

About the aircraft graveyard in Tucson, Arizona. Just now covered the F111s used for spares.

Interesting... I just changed the channel and found it by accident.

Here's a link to a blog with some pix.

4,400 aircraft of which 700 can be reestored to fly again complete. Every four years the planes are started up and then processed to put back into storage. It's cheaper to retrieve parts from these aircraft than to make new parts for many of these planes.


There goes the housework for the next hour....

Finished now... here's some links, fill your boots!

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Anonymous said...

Damn!!! When was that on? Bugger!

I watched the Red Bull air race this afternoon. A bit weird watching on TV what I could hear for real. Matt Hall, the Aussie, turned in his best performance in his one year in the tour. A brilliant second in front of his home crowd.