Sunday, April 25, 2010

Clueless television hosts on war and remembrance

Idiot statement of the day from Channel 7 Sunrise female host just now after they were talking about the Sandakan memorial service, now the 65th, whith an expected turnout of 500 attendees:

"It's good to see the focus becoming local after so long being concentrated in Gallipoli and France."

What a clueless bint!


stackja1945 said...

kae, typical of the media today. They were taught this attitude by the lefties in school.

Skeeter said...

"The attack by the Left on the Anzac tradition has escalated."
This is the opening line in an informative article by JCU's Mervyn F. Bendle: Anzac in Ashes in
April Quadrant.
At our local suburban Dawn Service this morning there was an unexpectedly large number (4-500) of people of all ages in attendance.

kae said...

Hi Skeeter
I posted on that article a while back.
I'm sure that the ANZAC Day tradition will continue - judging from the number of people at my local Dawn Service today, it was actually croweded!
The first local ANZAC Day dawn service my ex husband and I attended was in 1995, there were a handful of people, probably about 20-30 if that.

bruce said...

Larger than expected group at our local service this morn. Used to be a small reverent group, now large and rowdy on the edges, carrying beers (Couldn't wait till after? Been up all night drinking?).

Is it an improvement?

Maybe I'm just turning into an old fogie. Of course in Braveheart's day this would be nothing. We must count our blessings.

kae said...

Hi Bruce
All ours were well behaved - no beers in sight.
All very reverent... no applause (there was applause at the ANZAC Cove dawn service after the singing of each national anthem).

Merilyn said...

Fairly large crowd here in our country town, seems to be getting bigger each year, and all well behaved.
kae you were watching Sunrise?? We gave them the "boot" in this household after a certain incident with Rudd, to do with Anzac Day.

kae said...

My watching any TV on any morning that early is an aberration.
I stopped watching any of the morning programs when I had to leave home at 5:30am to get to work... actually, before that, probably shortly after 9/11.

Merilyn said...

5.30 gosh and people tell me I get up early! By the time I get up you are already on your way to work.

kae said...

No, not any more Merilyn.

I've been working in Brisbane suburbs since about 2001, I used to be able to leave here at 7am and get to work by 8:30. Slowly as the years passed I needed to get up earlier and earlier to be at a certain point before a certain time to avoid the traffic. For about the last four years of that job I was leaving home at 5:20-5:30, and getting home about about 5:20 pm!
There was a period in 2004-5 when I had a couple of secondments in local offices which were bliss! Unfortunately they never led to proper, permanent full-time jobs.
Last March I started a secondment which I was headhunted for, it is only about 10-15 minutes from home (11ks) and I also found out just before that secondment was approved (long story there), that the job I had was being made redundant with a restructure.
Fortunately I managed to get another job locally in February, which I started in early May, a week before I was due to finish the secondment. The woman on maternity leave came back early and we kind of work together.

I'm in heaven, I just have to organise myself not to stay up late faffing around and get up and go walking before work!!