Sunday, April 25, 2010

Local Toowoomba Stimulus signs - interesting

Check this out. I suppose if the residents vote ALP it's only fitting that they be beneficiaries of the government's BER largesse.

Here you are, someone looked up the BER and found cemetery shade constructions...

Too-020 Public Cemetery Upgrades Installation of shade structures and seating in the public cemeteries at Drayton/Toowoomba, Pittsworth, Millmerran, Cabarlah and Crows Nest.

Marcus57 of Randwick
Mon 26 Apr 10 (06:03am)


1735099 said...

Toowoomba hasn't voted Labor federally for years. Local member (for Groom) is Ian McFarlane. He's a member of the Coalition.

kae said...

It has been known for dead people to vote in elections.
On Bribie Is I think there were even people voting there who lived on the side of the road where the beach is, no houses, only the beach.
I wasn't specifically talking about Toowoomba.

1735099 said...

I assume you were talking about Bolt's post although there is no link. I can assure you that sign is not in front of a cemetery. I drive along that stretch of road quite often.
It is on a fence near the Geham State School, and refers to a project at that school. The photo is angled to give the impression it's outside a cemetery, and no doubt was submitted by someone who thinks the sun shines from Bolt's nether regions. It's another example of the crap that he spins to have a go at anyone to the left of his politics. He's banned me from his blog because I called his nonsense every time I saw it. Poor Andrew doesn't approve of debate - especially when it makes him look silly.
I've posted a response, but I'll have a small wager it doesn't appear, although the screen shot may well turn up on my blog.
I wonder sometimes how he (Bolt) gets away with the absolute drivel he posts - but then, in Melbourne, anything is possible. Witness the Storm. They use a different moral compass down there.

kae said...

I've put the link in, I didn't realise I'd missed it, thanks!

I am quite able to form my own opinion on most issues.

I'm not a blind fan of Bolt, and I'm sure you realise that not everyone who comments there is a blind fan. There are plenty of blind or one-eyed opponents Bolt's posts.

I've heard Bolt described as a lefty, and sometimes I can agree with that.

You were banned from Bolt's, it's Andrew Bolt's blog, he can ban who he likes.

I visit Bolt's and Blair's blogs because I prefer to read what they write and sometimes the comments rather than the rabid crap posted on more liberal blogs.

I suppose you didn't read far enough down the comments to see that people actually pointed out that it could be some mischief?

I'm sure the ALP will get over it... they seem to be able to get out of trouble for all their other cockups while in government.

Merilyn said...

You must admit 17 there have been times when you do get a bit carried away, however, have been surprised here that you seem more laid back.