Wednesday, April 14, 2010

More goosebumps

The Pacific

More here.


Anonymous said...

Watched it. Not impressed. I'll give it another chance next week but it had better be better.

When Sea Patrol first started it took until about mid season before it found its feet, although sometimes I still found it lacking. I will watch the new season's first episode this evening - the promos look interesting.


kae said...

I missed Band of Brothers when it was first on, but caught a few repeats. I've now purchased the DVD.

I wasn't able to watch The Pacific episode right through, I had things to do. I'll see how it goes.

Sea Patrol? That stupid Australian show with Lisa McCune on it? No, never got into that. Way too annoying. And too many errors in it.

Anonymous said...

Sea Patrol?
Sea Patrol?

My God?

an apt word "crepard"