Thursday, April 29, 2010

Mouth Ulcer

I hate mouth ulcers. I usually only get them when I scrape my gum with the toothbrush (ie, it slips and scrapes the gum), or when I'm stressed.

Hmm. No scraping lately, not where this mouth ulcer is.

I have some really good stuff, SM33 or something similar. It stings when you first put it on, but then the anaesthetic kicks in. Usually it only takes a day or two to get rid of the mouth ulcer. But I don't think I attacked the ulcer soon enough, and it's in an awkward spot I can't see and can't dry out to much to put the stuff on. I use one end of the cotton bud to dry the ulcer of saliva and the other end to apply the stuff.

It's hurting again, and has been most of the afternoon. Must remember to apply the stuff morning and night.


wayne Job Broadford Victoria said...

Kae,are you brave. Mouth ulcers can be killed in half an hour. You have the cure in your pantry,no need to dry the ulcer or any of those fancy tricks.
Take about a quarter teaspoon of dry salt, manouver the spoon to place it on the ulcer,like a big pile and hold it in place with your cheek. If you have had children the pain from this is less,and only lasts a couple of minutes.
Hold it in place for 15 or 20 minutes then rinse out your mouth. The ulcer will be numb and dead. It works every time and is cheap and harmless. Dr Wayne

Pedro the Ignorant said...

I cured the mouth ulcers I got in Thailand by gargling with Mekhong Whisky, a Thai liquor made from rice, sugar cane and herbs.
I reckon that gargling OP Bundy Rum would probably have a similar result, with the added bonus that if it didn't cure the ulcers, you wouldn't care anyway, you would be too happy!

Merilyn said...

Another little old fashioned remedy is Vegemite, rubbed on the Ulcer, stings a bit, but it sure gets rid of them.

Anonymous said...

Mega doses of vitamin C. Works every time.


Mr. Bingley said...

those things are painfully annoying. i get one every winter.

stackja1945 said...

I agree on "Mega doses of vitamin C. Works every time. Sandi"

Anonymous said...

stackja1945 said...

I agree on "Mega doses of vitamin C. Works every time. Sandi"

Must be something in it, I haven't had any ulcers since I've been taking 2500mg with vitamin E and some other vitamins.
And it's been years and years.

On the other hand ... who knows?