Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Nanna's birthday today - Dad's Mum

I'm not sure of her year of birth, I know she died in 1988, the Friday before mother's day, and she was 75 or 76 when she died. So I suppose she was born in 1912 - I think I have her marriage certificate, or Dad's birth certificate here somewhere so I'll have to check. (My other nanna was born in 1909, and lived to be 93, more about her later - possibly August.)

Her story ties in with Dad's story, and I hope I can tell it. (I just wish I'd sat down with the Grandparents, and me Dad, and taken notes and asked questions!!) I have an idea, I'll pick me mother's brain next time I see her...

I need to find another picture of Nanna, when she looked like a Nanna....
but I will have to do it later in the week, I don't have time now. But I did find this picture of Dad... now I know where my nose came from (it's the same as Dad's and Nanna's!).


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