Thursday, April 15, 2010

Red Bull air crash in the Swan River

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Good news is that the pilot, Adilson Kindlemann aged 37, is in good condition. He was passing through a narrow gate, a manoeuvre which involves flying the plane with wings at rightangles to the earth. His wing clipped the water and the plane crashed into the water.


Anonymous said...

The first year the Red Bull Air Race was staged in Perth I had a front row seat on the 26th floor of Exchange Plaza. They literally flew right in front of our eyes for three days of practice. Didn't need to bother paying to go and see the race.

Today I was going to work mid-morning and could hear the planes from home for a couple of hours. Travelling in on the bus I could catch glimpses of one plane practicing. Ten minutes after I got in there was a 'breaking news' story on 6PR that a racer had gone into the river. It dominated talk-back all day. Apparently this is the 45th race (on coming the weekend) in seven years and the first accident. A very good record.

Absolutely everyone was waaay impressed with the Red Bull rescue team. According to radio reports, they had two blokes on jet skis there in seconds, closely followed by a rescue boat. The pilot was freed from the plane in twenty seconds and in the rescue boat on the way to a waiting ambulance within a minute. Apparently they had drilled just this exercise two weeks ago. The 'real thing' went absolutely perfectly with the pilot suffering little more than whiplash according to the latest reports.


Kaboom said...

Red Bull gives you wings!

Anonymous said...

"Red Bull gives you wings!"

You are awful, but I like you!


kae said...

I'm jealous! I've been to two airshows, one at Schofields, outside Richmond in Sydney, and the other was the first, I think, at Avalon in Melbourne.

Kaboom - wings, yes. Snorkel and soft landing, no.

Carpe Jugulum said...

Tyabb Airshow on Sunday - Whoooo Hooo

Skeeter said...

Tyabb looks good CJ, but Temora is better for me. Temora Aviation Museum flies all the aircraft that I flew in the 1950s: Tiger Moth, Wirraway, Mustang, Vampire, Meteor and Sabre.
They have a flying Flying Weekend about every 6 weeks. I was there for last Saturday and Sunday, this time with my two children and two grandchildren.
The kids have all seen the photos, but this was the first time they had seen, heard and smelled the real ones.
After watching them all, and especially the Sabre doing its low, high-speed run, my 8-y-o grandson now holds me in very high esteem.

Minicapt said...

Have you told you weren't allowed to keep the toys?