Friday, April 23, 2010

Signs of climate change, or not?

ANDREW KLEKOCIUK: This one's actually appeared for a period of about four hours. It's incredibly cold up there during the summer time. Temperatures are about minus 150 degrees. And that enables water vapor to freeze into tiny ice crystals.

That makes these special clouds perfect as natural, high altitude thermometers; and the results they've provided are interesting to say the least.

According to these researchers, despite the lower atmosphere warming by less than one degree over the last few decades, the upper atmosphere has cooled by ten!

And that means more noctilucent clouds are appearing in more places.

Making these amazing clouds a breathtaking, but worrying symbol of climate change.

More here.

Please note that the bold bit was not said by the scientist, but by the host of the program.

How interesting. This is a kid's show, Behind The News, on ABC. This give the impression that AGW/CC (which is brainwash speak for earth is heating to hell and it's all our fault), is proven somehow by noctilucent clouds. How is that?


Carpe Jugulum said...

The saddest thing is the alarmists just don't yet realise that their cult has fallen apart, their quasi religion is over........I pity them.

Wayne Job Broadford Victoria said...

Noctilucent clouds indeed, how can I possibly sleep tonight knowing that they are becoming more prevalent. This is the final nail in the coffin of AGW.
The sun has gone on strike, La Nina is happening, The upwelling of warm water from the MWP has ceased and the cold water from the LIA is is surfacing. Getting old as I am I was planning to make my Harley into a trike. I think a Skidoo conversion might be more to the point. Time to buy shares in seal skins.

kae said...

"Yes," she said to Wayne Job of Broadford, as she tipped the water out of her boots...

"I live in Queensland and it's been a bit soggy this year!"